Friday, February 4, 2011

Vacation- 2011 Blizzard

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, I had an amazing day! Punxsutawney was great! So much more than I ever expected it to be; it was like a HUGE birthday party...I asked Zach if we could do this every year, he said no! Oh was absolutely great!I took lots of pictures that I will be posting whenever I get home (I attached 3 from my phone for now)!

In the mean time while we were on vacation IL received a heck of a blizzard, actually one of the biggest ever! I thought a foot of a snow was alot, BOY that is nothing compared to what we have here now! In some areas it comes up to your's quite amazing to see so much snow! The whole town (well alot of towns in the surrounding area) have been shut down...the roads are bad and I am kinda nervous about traveling back home tomorrow!

Speaking of snow, our home in Texas received at least 2 inches of snow while we were gone! I know they doesn't seem like much, esp if you are used to getting 'alot' of snow in your area...but that is ALOT for Texas!! ALOT! I am glad it snowed, my mom, who is watching our dogs, was able to to take the dogs out to play in it! Sasha loved it, Peanut and Ginger...not so much!

This has been an amazing vacation, and I am sad that it's almost over....although I'm off till Monday so I still have a couple more days, I'm sad that we have to leave, although I am a little over the cold weather (it's been in the single digits) I absolutely love it here!


Kristin said...

You missed all the craziness back here in Texas, huh?! Houston shut down and then we didn't even get any snow. Boo! LOL!

Glad you're having fun. I can't imagine all that snow!!

Just Believing said...

could you email me your clinic in austin....

thats where we are and i have no idea where to begin!

and yes 2 inchs shut down the whol city and hubby got the day off woo hoo!

Cheers said...

So glad you are having a great time :)
On our trip to the USA last August we stayed with my friend in Dallas and it was sooooooo hot. I can't believe she is now sending me pictures of snow!!!! How can somewhere that gets that hot also get cold enough to snow?? :))

twondra said...

So glad you had a good time!!

Ashley said...

So happy you are enjoying your vacay!!! Well I knew you would but was worried about all that snow they were getting.

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