Monday, February 7, 2011

Vacation Pictures

(Warning...Picture overload!)

Zach and I at 3AM...yes you heard me right, gates open at 3AM in order to get a good view, we were still back a little ways in the crowd, but we had a great view! It was very cold, but so much fun! They put on a HUGE show!! It was amazing!

Look at the huge crowd just in front of us..

After the prediction (when he saw his shadow and decided that there will be an early spring) they annouced that you could get your picture taken with Punxy Phil, I darted in that line so fast, in fact I left Zach and his brother chasing after me...we waited about 10 minutes unlike some who waited close to 2 hours...

They had little groundhogs around the whole town, I wanted my picture taken with everyone of them, unfortunately thats near impossible, esp. on groundhogs I just picked a few :)

My brother in law, Zach and I got our picture taken with one of the inner circle members..

To celebrate all of the 'groundhog' birthdays they have this huge birthday bash for everyone who has a 2-2 birthday; you get a piece of cake, punch and a present...Zach snapped a picture of me before I tried to eat my cake (eating a really sweet birthday cake at 7am before you even had breakfast is rather hard, ha!)

After walking around town we went to this little diner called, Punxy Phils Restaurant, We sat right next to an elderly couple which the gentleman just so happened to be an retired inner circle member, he told us so much behind the scenes stuff about Groundhogs day, it was the most interesting birthday breakfast I've ever had!


When we arrived back in Illinois we had a little fun in the snow that the 2011 blizzard had left; let me just was ALOT of snow!

I loved every bit of it...the cold up north isn't quite like it is down south, it doesn't cut right through you up there in my opinion like it does here...maybe it's just more bearable because there is snow to play in vs. here :)

In some places the snow piled up to above our waist!

One night the snow fell so hard and so fast, it was beautiful!

Zach, his brother and his dad!

Our trip was amazing, I thoroughly enjoyed the snow and loved the scenery!


Jennifer said...

It definitely looks like you guys had a great time. What great pictures.

Melody said...

I am SO glad you got to do that! My grandma and uncle shared your birthday. It's fun to know all about it. I thought they all dressed up in formal wear?

Ashley said...

I don't know a lot about groundhog day but after reading this post you make me want to learn more! What a great birthday you had!! I also loved your looked so cute:)

Jess said...

What a FUN thing to do!!!

Kristin said...

How fun, Tiffany! Sounds like a great birthday! I loved all the pictures!

~Shelly~ said...

How fun! You look so cute in ur hat :)

Rosie said...

It is so neat you got to experience that on your birthday! I love all the groundhogs around town. I bet there were a ton!
You are such a cute snow bunny with your hat :)

Lauren said...

How fun!!!!!!!!! :)

Ashlee McCrary said...

I agree the cold up north isnt like the south. I lived in Delaware & Ohio when I was little & loved playing in the snow & dont remember ever feeling "miserable" in it like down here. Just different! But maybe it was also that I had snow to play in =) Your bday looks like it was lots of fun!

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