Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nascar Fun

The company Zach works for is one of the many sponsors of Nascar; so he came home one day from work with 2 free tickets to the race. I never follow Nascar-but boy are the races exciting!!
and these cars are extremly LOUD!! 
Zach and I had a fabulous time enjoying the beautiful weekend!!

We did-however-have to leave a little early because I started feeling extremely sick!

These pills are kicking my hiney--I have received quite a few emails from bloggers and fellow IVF'ers saying this was the hardest/worst part for them, it's nice to know I am not alone in feeling this way! I can say I haven't actually gotten 'sick' it's just the worst nausea that I've ever experienced. I am so blessed to have a husband who is pampering me throughout all of this! I'm living off of saltine crackers and sprite zero! If anyone has any tips for nausea please feel free to share-I have found that peppermints and minty gum help! 

I am all for feeling so horrible in hopes this will bring us the biggest blessing of all! :)


Kristen said...

I've always thought a Nascar race would be fun! Boo to still being sick though!

Cristy said...

Gingerale is wonderful for nausea! It's what you'll want to use during pregnancy too!! ; )

Melody said...

Zach and I LOVE to watch NASCAR on the weekends. We don't have any one we really root for but we love to watch. I hope you feel better soon!

Marcie said...

I guess I just wanted to encourage you a little. The pills were the worst part for me too (until the PIO), I had headaches and felt I could throw up at the drop of a hat. Just keep telling yourself that "this too shall pass", then you move on to bigger things.

Rosie said...

Make sure you eat with your pill!! And ginger ale really helps nausea.

rathi said...

ginger ale does help.. when i felt bad i also found out that jolly ranchers helped too..

Miranda said...

We tell our pregnant ladies at the clinic anything with GINGER! Ginger-ale, Ginger snaps, Ginger candies (hard candy) and NEVER let your tummy get empty!!!!
As weird as it is when I was pregnant, I was only nauseaed once or twice.... Jolly ranchers helped! Weird I know, but they are cheap and worth a shot. Hope you feel better soon.

Rachel said...

yep I with the ginger ale and not letting you stomach get empty even if that means eating a cracker in the middle of the night.

I hated those pills least the shots only hurt for a second.

Carey said...

Try root beer barrels..sounds weird but I ate a ton of them cause they were the only thing that worked. Good Luck!!

Jess said...

Looks like fun...sorry you feel so icky. Ginger tea is great for belly issues...peppermint tea as well. Otherwise crackers and graham crackers.

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