Sunday, May 1, 2011

Funnies & a Giveaway

 I wanted to list a couple funny moments that Zach and I have had so far on this journey (mostly for memories sake of posting them)

Zach had to go to Temple last Thursday to drop off his 'sample' for the freezing process...WELL I was off and I was going to sleep (because thanks to this shot my sleep has been tossed out the window; although I'm always tired and feel like I could fall asleep standing up I cant sleep when it's time to sleep!!) However about 7am my phone starting ringing; it was Zach---I hear on the other end of the line 'I need you to come to Temple now please; I locked my keys in my car' although at the time this was FAR from funny--it's actually quite humorous now. IF you know me in real life you know 1) I hate driving 2) I hate driving long distances 3) I hate driving long distances by myself  and 4) I have NO sense of direction which is why I hate driving long distances and by although our clinic is only 30  minutes down the road and pretty much a straight shot I was not anticipating driving there on I35 by myself...however off I went to rescue my husband!! I made it and thankfully I feel confident in driving there again by myself! :)

Funny two--last night we met some friends I used to work with for dinner at 7:30 (our shot time is 8pm) we knew we would be having to take the shot with us; no biggie we thought...we could just run out to the car--give me a quick shot and head back in! We parked right out front so we it would be convenient with us running out to give me a shot (mistake #1) 8 we headed out; Zach said get in the back seat so we both hopped in the back seat; was in there a total of a minute at the most and hopped back out to go in....WHEN we hopped out of the car EVERYONE on the patio of the restaurant (which was right in front of where we were parked was staring at us) What they thought we were doing is beside me? I don't know; but I can honestly say I was mortified; I didn't make eye contact---I hurried in and then burst in laughter (note to self NEVER park in front during a shot run!!)

Knowing my husband and I--I am SURE I will have more funnies; it's just a give with us!! But for know thats it!

I DO HOWEVER--have AMAZING NEWS! Tomorrow there will be a FAN-TABULOUS giveaway on my review blog....what is fan-tabulous about it your asking?????? What about a $100 visa giftcard?!?!?!?! YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT!!!! I will be giving away $100 to a lucky reader! The blog will air at 7am (CST) sooo be sure to check it out!!!!


Grandma~rella said...

LOL! You two are soooo CUTE! Next time you need to do a shot while in your car, try jumping out of the back seat with a BIG grin on your face. Make them wonder, girl! Laughter is good for the soul and there'll be plenty of it, guaranteed ;)
Praying for your little Pifer-Bean!! :)

Rosie said...

It's so cute you are afraid to drive to Temple. Remember when I used to make YOU drive everywhere back in the day b/c I was scared? Now I drive long distances by myself all the time!

And Oh boy do I know the awkwardness of getting out of the car together. If only they knew... That is too funny though. LOL-I wish I was a fly on the wall after they saw you!

Anonymous said...

I could only have imagined the awkwardness when you got out of the car!

So glad to know Im not the only one that is directionally challenged, its a good thing for my husband or Im not sure what I would do!

Kristin said...

That is so funny about the shot at the restaurant. :D

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