Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sickly :(

This momma has been sick!!

I apologize for no 'week 20' picture. I had the cutest idea in mind since my halfway mark landed on Christmas Day; however my day consisted of curling up in bed and not moving all day.

I started running a fever Sunday night; it was right at 100 so my husband called my on call dr and they advised us if it went up another degree we had to go into labor and delivery. Thankfully it never spiked above 100. On Wednesday I woke up with literally no voice and hardly any hearing. My ears were so clogged all I could hear was ringing...we went to the dr and turns out this momma has the flu and a double ear infection. My fever finally broke last night after being 99-100 all week. I wish I could say I feel better though; my voice is still 90% gone and my hearing is the same. Although my throat is killing me due to coughing, I'd much rather get my hearing back! It messes with your equilibrium so bad--I feel so spacey and dizzy. My dr's called me in an antibiotic that was safe for Miles; but unfortunately it hasn't kicked in yet.

With all that said; I'm very thankful that my sweet Miles is ok. He's getting more and more active everyday. Zach felt him for the first time last night!!

Although this Christmas wasn't quite what I had in mind with me being sick, it by far was one of the best...our sweet Miles is such a blessing to us and our family!

I was due with our last little bean we lost on Christmas Day; I couldn't help but think that without those struggles and heart ache we wouldn't have Miles kicking away inside me right now...I'll never forget that sweet bean and the short time it was in my belly!! God is a God of miracles!

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and I hope y'all have an amazing 2013 full of blessings!

I will try to have a week 21 picture up this week of this momma feels better :)


Kelly said...

That's no fun - especially when you are pregnant! Hoping the medicine kicks in quick and you start feeling better soon girl!

So how did the gender reveal go with your family and friends? Can't wait to hear all about it!

Lots of prayers for you and little Miles!!!!!!!


Penny1215 said...

Oh no. The ear problem is not terribly uncommon. With my second child one of my ears stayed stopped up from about 5 months until aftee i delivered him. I really hope yours clears up. It really is miserable.

xoxo-Kristen said...

happy new year! :) so excited for you and your miracle!

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