Tuesday, January 22, 2013

24 weeks

I've made it to the point of viability. Such an amazing feeling. Miles better stay put for quite a bit longer though :)

Cravings: they have switched from fresh veggies to fresh fruit...ESP watermelon! I can't get enough!!

Sleep: still the same. Some nights it's good and I get 4-5 hours. Some nights maybe like 2 haha...I just take that as a sign Gods preparing me for a newborn :)

I have had some severe acid reflux issues..nothing they are giving me works,and it doesn't matter what I eat or how much or how little I eat it hurts...but again, I'll take the discomforts any day if Miles stays healthy! :)

Exciting events: his nursery is painted and furniture will arrive this Sunday!! I get to spend my first birthday pregnant...such a blessing! We have a small Babymoon to New Mexico scheduled in February. My glucose test is coming up in February! I get a 4D ultrasound of this sweet baby's face in early March. And my baby shower is in the midst of being planned (so surreal)!!! So many fun exciting things.

Miles kicks and moves like crazy!! I call him my little monster because sometimes it looks likes he's trying to escape my belly! He's one active baby-and I think huge too by the looks of me :)

God is so great!!


Jen said...

YAY for 24 weeks!!!!!! Always a bit bittersweet for me as I delivered at 24 weeks. SOOO happy Miles is continuing to grow! :)

JoyBelle said...

Grow, baby boy, grow! Love this, love seeing your lovely photos of the bump and you seriously are just glowing (I know, so cliche but seriously girl you are glowing!!!). I hope you post nursery pictures!!! Decorating is one of my favorites. I bet it is awesome!

Toni :O) said...

So thrilled to see you post and btw, you are SO not huge...you look fabulous girl and have a great time setting up his awesome nursery. I hope you share photos as well...so fun! God bless you!

Kendall said...

you are sooo cute!

I love my boys! said...

AMAZING!!! yay for 24 weeks and for the upcoming events!! ill be prego for the 1st time on my birthday this year too :)

Kelly said...

Wow!! So excited for you guys!!

Wanted to mention the BEST medicine for reflux. I have had to take it my past three pregnancies because my acid reflux gets so bad I absolutely cannot lay down or sleep!

The ONLY thing that has worked for me is called Protonix. And by works for me - I mean it works perfectly!!! No more reflux!! My past three doctors have 'sworn by it' and they have been right on the money! :)

Anyway - sounds like sooo many great things are coming up for you guys! Praise God!!

Next week we will find out if we are expecting our 5TH GIRL or 1ST BOY!! Can't wait to find out (especially because I had many of the same symptoms and cravings that you have experienced)!

Hugs to you!

barb said...

You look awesome. Thanks for keeping your blog real and not insane. I rejoice when I read how you are doing.We are all so happy for you and your little bundle of joy.Take care and love the pics.Will you post pics of your nursery too? Can't wait.All the best!!!Have a great trip to New Mexico too btw. :)

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