Saturday, June 22, 2013

Two months old

Where have these two months gone to? Someone pinch me...I've been a mommy to this amazing boy for TWO MONTHS! :)

* we weighed 13.6lbs at our checkup & are 22'' long! 

* we eat anywhere from 5-7oz of formula (yes we eat alot!)...during the day we eat every 3-4 hours and at night we eat every 5-7 hours (mommy loves this!). 

* we started a 'little' juice in hopes to help out gas (1oz of juice to 1oz of water)... Which by the way it's really helped. 

*we've rolled over from our stomach to our back once (well a few times in one day but never again).

* we are pretty good at holding our head up-but we can't stand tummy time. 

*we smile soo much, laugh in our sleep and have started to make noises like laughing while awake. 

I've been on my first camping trip (RV camping), went swimming (only for a couple minutes) and loved it!, and mommy takes me walking all the time. I start daycare in a couple weeks-I'm getting so big. 


Ashley said...

He is growing too fast!! Such a sweetie!

Sarina Coffin said...

Such a handsome little boy! You are feeding him good Mommy! So happy for you. I know you will miss him when he goes to daycare.

Toni :O) said...

Very cute!

JoyBelle said...

So so so precious!!! I had my own little man two weeks ago so I love hearing about all the babies who are similar in age and what to look forward to in the coming weeks. Doesn't matter that he's my fifth - it's a whole new baby each and every time so I always forget all the milestones and things.

I have found that doing tummy time on MY tummy (putting baby on my chest/tummy rather than putting baby on the floor) makes it a more enjoyable experience for babies. Hardwood floors make my tummy hurt, too, LOL!

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