Monday, September 9, 2013

Update & Prayers

If anyone knows about speed bumps in this crazy journey we call 'life' it's us. We have one appointment under our belt-Miles will be getting a helmet in a couple weeks due to having Brachycephaly. (This is fixable,  and for that we are thankful). However,  last week Miles had an episode that 'COULD' have been a seizure. We have been referred to a neurologist and next Monday he will have an EEG done in the morning to measure his brain waves. I'm asking for prayers for my baby boy-prayers that he did not have a seizure and IF he did prayers that it wasn't serious. This is just a bump in our path and we will get through it just like we've done before. 


waiting and wishing said...

Thinking of you, and praying that all is well with your sweet boy. I know how scary it all can be, one of our little guys had a reflux issue and had episodes that could only be described as seizure-ish and they were scary. I'm so glad you are checking into things and making sure your boy's health is the #1 priority.

kdactyl said...

My daughter started having some things that were seizure related at 6 months old....basically...just some clusters of involuntary movement. I immediately took her to ER and cat scan was negative...but the kept having them. We got the EEG a week or so later and all was normal. She would then have them every now and again. I managed to catch a couple on my iphone video....took those to the neurologist and he said...yep...siezures. We did a lot more testing and an MRI at 11 months old. She was fine otherwise and just seemed a bit bothered when they happened. She is almost three now. she has an episode about every 6-10 months but is still growing normally and reaching all her milestones. She has been diagnosed with a very very mild epilepsy...but is not medicated and appears to be growing out of it. So...I know this is scary...but it is not uncommon and can often be very isolated and not a problem. Our baby was also an IVF baby and frozen for over 5 years before our FET (we adopted embryos)...I was very concerned the fertility treatments and freezing caused this...but the Dr. assured me they have found no issues with freezing embryos and neurological problems. So...I will send lots of prayers for you...but also know there is tons of hope as well. He will be fine. God has made him perfectly. Hugs...I know this is scary.

Team Harries said...

Praying with you and standing in faith that our great physician will heal your son!

Kelly said...

praying for you sweet friend! please keep us updated on how your little honey is doing. praying for God to give you good news and peace of mind. Love the pic you shared...what a beautiful blessing he is!!! lots of hugs!

Andrew austin said...

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