Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm here :)

I'm here...a horrible blogger...but here and ok. 

Miles just turned 10 months old. He's a busy boy who is close to walking...has four teeth, says momma, dada, daw-ee (doggie). He's a sweetheart, loves to snuggle--he's a busy little guy who doesn't slow down till bedtime. Keeps mommy very busy chasing after him. 

I'm good-working full time then trying to manage a clean house and spend every moment I can with our little man. When he goes to bed at 8:00, there's so much I need to catch up on-that blogging fell back on my list, I apologize. 

Zachs good, but has taken a few business trips for a week at a time and has another one upcoming. During the last one Miles got the flu and I got bronchitis which almost turned to Pneumonia...we're all better now thankfully, but that was a rough week. Kudos to all my single mommy friends. My hats off to you, because I barely kept my head afloat that week.

I promise to try to be better. Please forgive me.  A few pictures of my little guy. 

Standing all by himself. 
Loves to be outside :)
His 10 month picture :)
Sleeping with Mickey :)
Pushing his car around (he pushing everything around)
Valentines picture :)


Sarah Mae said...

Oh goodness he is so big and SO cute! I'm glad you're all better now. Sickness is no fun. Thanks for the update--I hope to see more of them but I do understand that you are busy with your little guy! :) I'd rather be playing with him rather than sitting on the computer, too.

"B" said...

He is so cute. Being a full time working mommy is hard and it always feels like there is no time for anything. You are doing a great job, Miles looks so happy and healthy!

Amy Faulkner said...

We dealt with flu and bronchitis last month, too. The hubby had both at the same time, then the little one got the flu. Somehow my rockstar immune system stopped me from getting it but it was rough nursing the hubs and the kid. Been there!

Caroline said...

so so so cute!!!

Toni :O) said...

Yay love the update! He's grown so much and he's just so handsome!! So sorry to hear sickness hit the house which is equally tough when working full time as well, wow! I sure can't blame you for giving up computer time for your sweet boy. I would do the same. Stay healthy and thanks so much for posting.

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queenjohnsonclan said...

He is SO cute! Miss you in the blog space Tiffany!

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