Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm here :)

I'm here...a horrible blogger...but here and ok. 

Miles just turned 10 months old. He's a busy boy who is close to walking...has four teeth, says momma, dada, daw-ee (doggie). He's a sweetheart, loves to snuggle--he's a busy little guy who doesn't slow down till bedtime. Keeps mommy very busy chasing after him. 

I'm good-working full time then trying to manage a clean house and spend every moment I can with our little man. When he goes to bed at 8:00, there's so much I need to catch up on-that blogging fell back on my list, I apologize. 

Zachs good, but has taken a few business trips for a week at a time and has another one upcoming. During the last one Miles got the flu and I got bronchitis which almost turned to Pneumonia...we're all better now thankfully, but that was a rough week. Kudos to all my single mommy friends. My hats off to you, because I barely kept my head afloat that week.

I promise to try to be better. Please forgive me.  A few pictures of my little guy. 

Standing all by himself. 
Loves to be outside :)
His 10 month picture :)
Sleeping with Mickey :)
Pushing his car around (he pushing everything around)
Valentines picture :)

The Pifer Family
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