Monday, May 19, 2008

Bloodtest Results

My Dr called and my progesterone level for this cycle is a 12.8 (which is GREAT!!!) I've had it higher but ANYTHING over a 10 is AMAZING! They said it does confirm that I DID INDEED ovulate later this time around then normal. Because IF I would have ovulated around CD10 or CD12 like I normally do then that 12.8 would be alot higher since I am on CD23 (but I am ONLY 8DPO vs. it makes a BIG difference. BUT for where I am at in my cycle, a 12.8 is GREAT!!!!!

A progesterone level does not indicate can have a prog. level of 50 and you wouldn't have any more of a chance to be pregnant than a person with a level 10.1 it just NEEDS to be over a 10.

I "should" be testing in a few days...."DEPENDING" on how things wish me luck and say a little prayer for a BFP (big fat postive...'pregnancy test') :)


Ape and Brett said...

that is WONDERFUL!!!

Shelly said...

aw im crossing my fingers for ya!

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