Tuesday, May 20, 2008


WOW...it's been 2 years since Zach and I became husband and wife. These have by far been the best years of my life. Zach is amazing, he is my everything and he makes every day wonderful. I don't know what I did to deserve such an amazing guy in my life, he makes me feel so special and he completes me. He IS my life. I am so thankful and so blessed!!!!!

The day isn't even half way over....but it's been such an amazing 5 hours...the day started out with Zach waking me up and telling me "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" I opened my eyes to him right in my face, haha...it was cute! He said "do you want you present"? I said..."YES YES" :o) he said..."close your eyes"...."OPEN THEM"...so I open them and see my silly husband just grinning ear to ear at me...he said "it's me....I'm your gift". I told him he was silly, but he WAS and IS the best gift that I have EVER EVER got blessed with!!!! He then popped open this little box and there was a 3 stone diamond "Past Present and Future" ring, it has Champaing diamonds in the middle of all the other ones...it's BEAUFITUL!!!! I will have to post a pic of it later! Then I went and got his presents for him to open...he got a 2 new pairs of shoes, a Steeler hat, an offical Steeler program from when they won the Super Bowl, and a 3 month membership to the Beer of the Month Club (he LOVES trying different beers and when I saw this I thought that was great for him). He loved everything...he was really suprised by everything. Shortly after that he left to go to work and I got ready for work as well...(it took me longer to get ready b/c I keep looking at my ring, haha) On my way out the door there was this long note...it was just the sweetest love note telling me Happy Anniversary and I am the best thing that has ever happened to him...all the gushy mushy stuff...but needless to say it made me just cry, it was the sweetest thing ever. ((NOW I am really late b/c I had to go fix my makeup!!)) This afternoon he has a softball tourament, he is playing in the 1st game...then after that we are going out to eat.

I can't get over how it's been 2 years already...Being MRS. PIFER is the most amazing feeling ever. I feel so giddy today, and I fall more and more inlove with him every second of every day.

**On a side note of fertility stuff....I started my cycle today, I know I know what a bummer to start on your anniversary, well I kinda expected it and NOTHING and I mean NOTHING will ruin today...today is such a special day and nothing will take that away!!!!! I called my Dr. and we set up everything for the IUI after this "next" cycle. Everything happens for a reason and I am a FIRM believer of that!!!!**

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