Thursday, June 26, 2008

2nd IUI appt.

Well I went for my 2nd IUI appt today. I have Good News and Bad News...

Bad News: Nothing really changed, my lining is still a 3 and my biggest follicle is an 11 now (grew 1mm)

Good News: we MIGHT make it till Monday!!!!! Which means we still would be able to get the IUI!!!!!

I go back tomorrow morning for the most instense appt. of all HAHA, will we make it???....or will we have to skip IUI this cycle????

Overall I am extremly happy with what happened at the Dr, like I've said before I just like knowing what goes on!!! Plus I know whatever happens is in God's hands!!!! I truly believe in signs from God, so if we make it for the IUI I think thats God's work and he is making it possible to have the IUI, and if we have to skip the IUI this cycle, I will take that as a sign that either a) this isn't the month for an IUI or b) we don't need an IUI afterall and we will end up pregnant without it!!!! God is amazing, and he is the ONLY one in why worry about the little things, take one day at a time and leave all the rest in his hands!!!!

Check back tomorrow to see how our 3rd IUI appt. goes. Anyone want to take a guess at what will happen???? ;o)



Ape and Brett said...

you are so strong and keep your faith through everything!! I hope and pray things will workout for the best. I will be jumping to the moon with excitement when i get that phone call that one day. You mean the world to us tiff!!

The McCrary's said...

I'm keeping positive thoughts & prayers that it all goes well tomorrow! Best of luck!

Shelly said...

thanks for your sweet comments!! i really do hope u get prego as soon as u can! i know how u feel bc my sis is going thru the same thing! it just sucks that women who would do anything for a baby have to wait SO long. but u are doing great girlfriend! keepin our fingers crossed :)

Melody said...

Hey girly! This is so exciting! It will happen for you!

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