Friday, June 27, 2008

Blessing from Above

I went in for our 3rd IUI appt today, and I feel it went really well. My lining grew from a 3 to a 7!!! Which is AWESOME!!!! My follicle only grew 1mm though, it went from an 11 to a 12! BUT thats ok, it looks like we might make it to next week after all!!!! Well after my appt. I was changing and getting ready to leave, I knew I was coming in Monday morning which was fine with me. ultrasound tech came in and said "well...we NEVER do this, and I was told we can't make a habit out of this, BUT I want you pregnant so can you come in SUNDAY MORNING for a scan?" of course i just started crying and was speechless...I couldn't say anything...Lisa (my u/s tech) explains that since my temp has gone up and I'm having other fertile "signs" I might ovulate on Sunday and she doesn't want to miss giving me the shot. She says that I could very well go in Sunday and I won't be ready and I would just have to come back Monday morning, but she would rather be safe than sorry b/c if not and I just go in Monday and it turns out I did indeed ovulate on Sunday we might miss our chance for an IUI afterall this month b/c you have to sch. your IUI a days ahead.

SOOO...either way (ovulating on Sunday, getting IUI Monday or ovulating Monday getting IUI on Tuesday) IT DEF. looks like i will forsure be able to get this IUI done!!!!

Lisa, my u/s tech, may very well be a blessing from God that helps us recieve our little blessing. You see, they don't have to do this...this is there WEEKEND...she lives 45 minutes away, they are closed on weekends and don't do any kind of fertility stuff over the weekend...BUT she cares so much that she is coming all the way in town to scan me...and it might not even be needed, but she doesn't care, she doesn't want to risk it. I don't think I have ever met someone so sweet, who doesn't have too, but cares so much. I'm truly blessed to be able to go in on Sunday and get this scan, it may be for no reason and I might not be ready until Monday...but to know she is taking that extra step to help Zach and I means the world to me.

"Thank you God, for people like Lisa"!!!!



Anonymous said...

awww i wanted to cry reading this! thats so awesome! u are apparently someone special to them! i have a good feeling that everything is gunna work this time! ill be thinkin about yall on sunday morn!

Ape and Brett said...

okay so i read it again and cried AGAIN!! haha im a nerd! I know my neice or nephew is coming soon!!! I LOVE YALL

Rosie said...

OMG! That's sooo exciting! I just cried after reading your blog! I can't believe you jumped to a 7!!! I totally felt your excitement! Let me know how it goes tomorrow. I'll say a prayer for you! Love you!

The McCrary's said...

WOW!! What a special suprise for yall! I've got really great feelings for yall & can't wait to hear the updates of how it all went on Mon! Best of luck again!

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