Sunday, June 8, 2008

Virginia Vacation with the Pifer Family

Our vacation was amazing, it went by way too fast though; but at the same time I am so very happy to be home!!

Our trip started last Friday at 5:30AM ((sooo early!!))...Eric, Zach's brother, was in town the week before our vacation and so he rode with us to DFW, b/c his flight left 10 minutes before ours did, except he was going home to PA. Well we get on our plane....everything is going A-OK....they drive us out to where they take off and we are just sitting there....and sitting there...and sitting there...((it was only 30 minutes or so, but it felt like forever)) they come on and tell us we will be taking off soon and apoligize they had a "minor" mechanical problem, you don't say this stuff right before we take off...I was a little nervous! And not only that but our layover time in Atlanta wasn't that long (45 minutes to be exact) so I was nervous we were going to miss our 2nd flight to Virginia. We got to Atlanta, SAFLEY may I add, 10 minutes before our next the time we docked and could get off the plane we only had 5 minutes to get to our 2nd flight and it was ALLLL the way across the airport. We ran like CRAZY! Once we got there we sighed a breath of relief b/c that flight was delayed 10 we made it!!!!

*Our first day in Virgina we went and visited some of Zach's family that lives around Norfolk. They were really nice, we cooked out and Zach and Jada swam, we had a great time!

*Our next day, Sunday; we went to Jamestown, it was awesome! All the colonial sights were amazing. That night we went to Ripley's Believe it or Not and out to eat at a AWESOME seafood buffett.

*Monday we went to colonial Williamsburg, which was the most amazing historical place I have ever been!!! We had so much fun and that town was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

*Tues, we went to Virginia Beach...This is where Zach and I honeymooned at 2 years ago; So we were MORE than excited to go here!!!! We layed out on the beach for a while, swam in the ocean for a while...walked the board walk....We went in the gift shop across from where we stayed 2 years ago and Zach found our bracelets, let me explain about our bracelets. We got some bracelets on our honeymoon, didn't think too much of them at the time, just more like a souvenir, well we said we would wear them till they broke.... they lasted almost a year, broke right before our anniversary...we liked having them so when we went to MX last year we tried to find a replacement bracelet...we came home with ones, but they weren't the same and didn't last but maybe a month. So when we went in this store and saw our bracelets there we couldn't help but get excited. So we got 1 PLUS extras for later years haha!!! Call us corny, but we think it's something special!! :o) After we left Virginia Beach we went the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, it was amazing...we drove under water, it was kinda scary but awesome!!! Then we went to meet Zach Cousin who also lives around that area and we all went out to eat.

*Wed, we went to Yorkstown Virginia; again another wonderful colonial place to visit! I was really worried going in to these places b/c I hated history in school so I was scared I would think this stuff was boring, but boy was I wrong!!! It was sooooo intresting and I learned so much!!!

*Thursday, we went to Busch Gardens, this was a AMAZING amusment park!!!! We rode every ride there, it was so much fun!!!!! I wold love to go back here some day with my furture kidos....I think this is a must place to go (as well as the other places we visited this week) with kids, this places was very educational as well as so much fun!!!

Friday morning we left :o( we were very sad. Being with Zach family was amazing...we all had a great time and we didn't want it to end! We miss them dearly and one week out of the year seeing them, just isn't enough!

I have posted some of the pictures in the slideshow below.


Anonymous said...

hey!! that's where I live!! by the richmond airport!! Glad you had a good trip! Hope all is well with you hun!!Love the geese pictures!!We seem to have ALOT of those in Virginia!


trollingking said...

If it wasn't for the airport debacle I would say it sounds like an awesome trip. You all really covered the Hampton Roads area of Virginia well.

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