Thursday, June 12, 2008

"IF" I am

Well I am nearing the end of my "break" cycle and coming closer to our FIRST IUI! I am getting the questions from friends now..."do you think you are pregnant this cycle?" HONESTLY NO! But hey, you never's in God hands. I would love to be, but if not I am ok with it b/c I am so excited about our IUI!! My nurse even called me today and asked me how things were going...we talked for a little bit and she even asked..."are you feeling anything"... NOPE ...NODA ...NOTHING...but it's ok! Well on one of my TTC websites we were talking about "due dates" yesterday, they "what if's"...what "would" our due dates be! Well mine would be around 2/24/09...I said that would be neat b/c mine is 2/2 my moms is 2/12 and theres would be around 2/24.... my friend pointed out how if you multiply 2-(2) and 2-(12) together, you will get 2-(24) HOW NEAT IS THAT!!! Then I got to dads birthday is 12-12 (if you add those together you will get 24!!) Ironic??? Who knows?! Only time will tell!!!

Like I said I just don't think this is our month (it would be neat IF it was b/c of the similarities with my parents and my birthday's) but overall the timing, the no meds this time...everything just doesn't add up...BUT it's in God's hands and ONLY HE KNOWS BEST!!!!!

Check back soon...either a) we will be going on to "our journey through pregnancy" or b) "our journey through our 1st IUI" WE ARE SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!

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Melody said...

Hey Girl!
It's Melody from I-am-pregnant. I started a blog too but I don't know how to add people as friends on it. I just hope you are pregnant! I can't wait to read all about your pregnancy journey when you find out that you are!
Love, Melody

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