Wednesday, June 18, 2008's CD30

I sound like I should be talking "code" lingo with "CD30" and so forth! Remember CD = cycle day (it kind of explains itself, but incase you don't know that means I am on day 30 of my cycle).

Ok, now to the "news" part. I haven't started...but wait....before you get excited let me explain the rest. I have tested and it's BFN (big FAT NO) SOO... you might be asking what does this means? Well it means I probably didn't ovulate without the meds, which I figured I probably wouldn't have, I mean I haven't ever before so why should I expect to ovulate now by myself??? ((SOO, to all those people who have told me to "relax" and not think about it or "hey go on a break, it'll happen" I NEED THE MEDS OBVISOULY, it's hard to take a "break" without taking the meds, don't get me wrong...I LOOOVVVEEEEDD my break, I LOOOVVEEED not having to take any pills, not having to worry about any appt's, not having to worry about blood work, shots....anything...this month off was wonderful....but it just shows I do indeed need the meds to make my body work)) Now before I continue on with my preaching let me say, I "could" be pregnant and above where I say "I think" I didn't ovulate "might" not be right...but after trying for 2 years, I can almost BET you thats what it is and I am not pregnant. BUT there is a small chance that I "could" be and BOY WOULD THAT BE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whats next???? I have an appt. tomorrow morning for a beta bloodtest. This will tell me if I am pregnant or not, and if it is yes OMG will I ever be suprised and if it is no they will give me meds to make my cycle start! FUN FUN ((NOT!!!!!)).

So thats where we are now....I will know sometime tomorrow offically what is going on. If I am not pregnant and they have to induce my cycle it will mean what I "think" it means....that I didn't ovulate. I am just soooo ready to start if I am going to so I can move forward, ask anyone who knows me...I am not big on the "standing still process". I like to "progress"!!!!

SO stay tuned...tomorrow is a big day no matter how it turns out, either a) I find out I am going to be a mommy or b) it's the begining process to our 1st IUI!!!!


Anonymous said...

im praying for u sweetie :) lets hope its "a"!!!

Gemz83 said...

Hey Tiffany~ I have been keeping up with your blogs and i really hope that you get your BFP. Good Luck tomarrow and hey if its "b" Than you can progress on. Take care and I can't wait to hear the update.

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