Monday, July 7, 2008

Define "Break"

Well stinkin' ol' AF (Aunt Flo, you know the mean on lady who comes to town once a month who makes you miserable...yea her) well she has arrived...which we knew that she was most likely going to come since I didn't ovulate and it wasn't a big let down to see her. WELL..anyways, now I am suposed to be on a 2 month "break"....well can you define break???

As most of yall know I can't just sit back and let my body do "nothing" (it tends to do that on breaks) SOO...Zach and I have been researching herbal vitamins...with the help of my lovely TTC online friends and my Dr. of course we have found the PERFECT vitamins to take during this "so called break". I will be taking Wheat Germ Oil/Omega 3 and Zach will be taking Imperal Gold Maca...these are both wonderful vitamins as it is, but can extremly help with trying to concieve. SOOO we are going to give it a whirl during this "break"...can't hurt...right?

SOOO here comes the "break" part....I know I am suposed to be "realxing" BLAH BLAH BLAH...well we will be...there will be NO timed "baby dancing", NO charting my cycle and NO temping....whatever happens WILL happen...BUT we want to take these vitamins to help our bodys PLUS see if MAYBE just MAYBE it will help us concieve's a long stretch, but can happen!!!

So again I ask.....define "break" for me... :o)


Melody said...

It's funny that you say that. I took Maca for a while too. Maybe you should both take it. You're right, it CAN'T hurt. All of those are all natural and actually good for you! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

well any new developments? havent heard from ya in a while! :)

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