Thursday, July 17, 2008

Suprise Suprise

Well my Monday morning started normal, during the day I had some "fertile symptoms" but didn't think too much into it. My friend that I have met online in one of the "trying to concieve threads" bought a fancy fertility monitor so she offered to send me her left over ovulation test, I almost didn't want them b/c they have hardly ever worked before, but I decided what the heck..there free so why not try? (I wasn't going to do this this cycle, but thought it would be nice to see what they say....) Well that afternoon I got home and they were in my mailbox, I took one as soon as I walked in the door...the line was dark, but not enough to be positive (with ovulation test there are always 2 lines, but the test line has to be as dark or darker than the control line). Well for the last week I decided I did want to take my temp every morning b/c I wanted to compare this "break" month off of fertilites to when I am on my fertilites, well I am really glad that I decided that!!! I was only on CD8 on Monday (really early!!!) but I told myself IF my temp went up the next morning I would test again (I only had 6 test and didn't want to waste them unless I was sure) WELL....I took it and SUPRISE SUPRISE, OH MY GOODNESS....A FREAKIN' POSITIVE OPK!!!! I can't believe body is gearing up and getting ready to Ovulate! HOLY COW...and it's doing it WITHOUT all the other meds, just vitamins!!!!!

WELL....Wednesday morning I took another....POSITIVE AGAIN....This morning I took another one...positive again!!!! THIS CONFIRMS I HAVE INDEED OVULATED. As well as my temps being high (and all the other ovulation symptoms I have)!!!! I am sooo extremly glad I decided to temp and try these OPK's b/c without them I wouldn't have known 100% for sure and it's VERY nice to know I have Ovulated!!!!

NOW, I don't know if I will get pregnant; or how the rest of this cycle will fall...but I do know my body isn't just sitting here like a bump on a log till August. Which that in itself makes me really really happy!!!

Zach and I are keeping busy working out and redoing a couple rooms (decorating wise) in our house so even through all this good news we are trying to keep our mind off of things. So if I don't get back on here in a while with an update thats why...I don't "expect" to be pregnant just because I ovulated on my own, I am extremly thrilled and blessed I have...but I don't expect anything else. If it happens, it will happen (I pray it does but don't want to get my hopes up)! God is in charge and there is only one thing Zach and I can do "have fun" "in many different aspects" haha!!!! SOO...just say a little prayer that a blessing comes from this, but if not that we have fun during this break :o)



Anonymous said...

OMG! thats awesome news!! So excited for yall! It will all come into place!

Melody said...

YEAH!!!! I'm so excited for you!!

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