Tuesday, September 30, 2008

CD6 Follicle Scan

I went in to my 1st appt today, hoping and praying all goes well so we can get our 1st IUI.

I am only on day 6; which is REALLY early; however they wanted me to come in early so they can watch me through my whole cycle. So far I have 6 follicles on my left side and 3 on my right (that is awesome....now keep in mind these are all potential follicles, meaning some or all might not grow...but they are thinking since one is almost 11mm, 3 are a little over 8mm, 3 are 6mm and 2 are 4mm that I will have a great chance of having 2+ follicles by the time I recieve the trigger shot (WHICH THEY HAVE THIS TIME, I MADE SURE TO ASK, haha!!).

I know I am confusing all of those who don't understand about follicles, but my appt went very well today. I go back Thursday morning for another scan...IF my follicles AND my lining are ready, I will get the trigger and have the IUI on Friday. HOWEVER; if my follicles and lining are not ready I will come back Friday, get the trigger shot and NOT be able to have the IUI this time since they don't do IUI's on the weekends. The chances of this falling the way we have this planned are very slim, BUT VERY possible. Everything has to fall right into place, my follicles have to grow fast fast fast and my lining has to go from a 4 (Which it is now) to above an 8...it's a tight stretch and a long leap, but it's very possible. I am praying everything works as planned this cycle, please keep us in your prayers that this all goes according to planned.

Check back Thursday for hopefully some GREAT news :o)



Ape and Brett said...

Im keeping everything crossed that this works out for yall!! Yall are DEF in my prayers that you will get the IUI this go around!! WE LOVE YALL

Anonymous said...

I know you will get the IUI this time! Hope you have an exciting week!

Melody said...

It will work for you! I had a dream last night that you were pregnant!!!!!

~The McCrary's~ said...

I'm glad they'll have the trigger this time. I was gonna ask you about that! Can't wait for Thursday! =)

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