Thursday, October 2, 2008

CD8 Follicle Scan

My Dr. appt this morning went fairly well. I wouldn’t say it went bad, b/c everything looks WONDERFUL for being on cycle day 8; HOWEVER I don’t know if we will be able to get the IUI.

Remember for an IUI to be done your follicle has to be 20+ and your lining has to be 8+; other wise your success rate goes way down.

So; Tuesday I had 9 total potential follicles (the biggest was almost an 11) and my lining was a 4 (or a tad bit under). TODAY, I have 2 potential follicles (one almost 15, and the other 19.25); my lining is a 5.7! I am ONLY on day 8 of my cycle, so having these things look this good is AMAZING, however it doesn’t look like we will be able to have the IUI. They want me to go back tomorrow morning for another ultrasound and hopfully I will be ready and we can do the IUI that afternoon (maybe!!), other wise I will just get the trigger-shot and everything will happen “naturally” over the weekend.

SO, stay tuned…tomorrow is “Decision Day”. :o)


Anonymous said...

well thats ok. keep ur chin up! its GOING to happen, we just have to play the waiting game. jeffreys boss and his wife tried for 8 years with none of this IUI, or clomid stuff so it WILL happen for you. I just hope that it is sooner than later.

~The McCrary's~ said...

I just happened to click on your blog as you just posted this. lol As always I'm sending good luck your way! Txt me tomorrow after your appt. I wont be home all day so can't check email.

Anonymous said...


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