Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Fun

Yesterday The Buechels' came over. I was so excited to spend the day with them!!! Zach made fajitas which were SOOO SOOO good! "A" and I were so anxious to see how Aud liked the pool. She seemed ok at first, but boy she was quick to let us know she DIDN'T like it AT ALL. It was the cutest thing ever though...she had no tears and as SOON as she got out of the pool she was fine. I think it was just tooooooo much pool for one liitttttlllleeee girl, it was more than she could handle. But by next year she will be a little fish and love it :o) Zach had to go to some stupid football draft thingy for alot of the time, but Bretty, "A" and Aud stayed to keep me company. I am sure we drove Bretty nuts haha! I really enjoyed spending the day with our bestfriends...we miss them, so yesterday was WELL needed and SOOO MUCH FUN!!!! Here are a couple pics of yesterday.
Me and my sugar-pie!

She says "come on guys...I'm all ready"

Little Miss DIVA

She had enough "swimming/screaming" :o)

Aud holding my hand (SO SWEET!!!)



~The McCrary's~ said...

i LOVE that picture of Audree just chillin on the floaty! how cute! i don't remember seein that one on Apryle's. that's a sweet one of her holding your hand. you can show her that when she's all grown up & yall are still best friends.

Ape and Brett said...

I had so so so so so so much fun with you guys!! We have to do that WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more often. Audree will get used to it, MAYBE!! HAHA even though sh didn't have any tears coming from her eyes! ha DRAMA QUEEN!!

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