Monday, September 15, 2008

When it rains…it’s POURS!

YUP…that’s exactly right!!!! You know the saying "when it rains it pours"?….well that pretty much describes our weekend in 5 words!

Friday: We went out to eat, had a nice time with just us. We went to rent some movies so we could enjoy a nice “relaxing” weekend alone…came home, I went to change to my pj’s while Zach goes outside to start putting our lawn cushions and pool floaties in the shed for the storm…he comes in and says “Tiffany get your clothes on the cops are on there way”. We have been joking around that night with each other, so I didn’t believe him…I said “no way…your lying”….he said again…”GET YOUR CLOTHES ON”… ok ok, he means business now! What in the heck happened….OUR SHED (which is about 2 feet away from our house) got broken into, and TONS of stuff got stolen out of it. Well the cops came, fingerprinted and we are praying that the couple fingerprints they got weren’t Zach’s or mine. It was VERY scary, I have now jumped at every little sound, I am so scared they will come back. :o(

Saturday, we went to Walmart to get locks for everything, they didn’t work so we had to take them back the next day. Nikki and Billy came over and this night was rather nice (AND VERY NEEDED esp. after the night before!!!)

Sunday, we went to church, went to the flea market in HOPE that they were dumb enough to take our stuff there to sell it (nope…not that dumb!!). Then we went to Lowes, bought BETTER LOCKS and came home. I droped my phone in the toilet, which THANKFULLY it still works!!! GOOD NEWS is when Zach was going door to door to try to find out what in the world happened…if anyone heard anything…if anyone knew anything (which might I add real quick, NO ONE knew anything, NO ONE heard anything, and EVERYONE said this has never happened in the whole time they have lived in our area). BUT like I was saying when he was going around the neighbor hood, the couple right behind us were talking about there “dogs”, Zach mentioned that we wanted to get a big dog for the backyard now, and they said well come look at our puppies…they are lab/pit mixes…the lady who lived there is a vet tech and she has given them all there shots and so forth. So we got the little girl, she is chocolate brown and as cute as can be. She isn’t very “guard doggy” right now, but hopefully when she gets older she will protect our house :o) I goggled names that mean “protection” and Sasha came up; meaning “protection of mankind”. So her name is Sasha b/c she is going to protect us, haha!!!

WELL…then you have TODAY. I get a call from my Dr’s office this morning telling me there out of the trigger shot (which I knew this, but we thought they would have it in by now). The manufacture who makes it has it on backorder. Well my u/s tech this morning called everyone she could possible think of that would have the shot on hand, NO LUCK. So without the shot, I CAN’T get the IUI. They still wanted me to come in today to see how my follicles were. Which CLOMID WORKS! My follicles were looking good, I had 3 simi good ones, however I have already released some (SO even if they had the trigger shot, I wouldn't have been able to get the IUI as my follicles have already released), she told me it looks at though I have released 1-2 but that is good b/c 1st off I ovulated on my own and 2nd off Clomid made me produce about 3-4 good follicles. She said they are “supposed” to have the trigger shot in October, we are going on vacation to PA next month, so hopefully if this month doesn’t work out, then next month won’t interfere with vacation and we will be able to do the IUI then.

This makes our 2nd IUI that we were “supposed” to have that something came up and we haven’t been able to have done. I think this is God’s will, maybe he is either telling me we don’t need an IUI to get pregnant OR he is helping postpone the actual IUI to a certain date…I don’t know exactly, but I know that it’s in his hands and everything happens for a reason. :o)


Anonymous said...

that is so scary that ur stuff got broken in to. at our old house, someone broke into jeffreys truck and stole his stereo system. and the gay robinson police thought jeffrey was someone else w/ a warrant out and were about to arrest him. uh, do ur police work before u go arrest someone. but i know how that scary- i dont want to stay another night here- feeling is. i hope they can catch who ever did it.
wow, i do think God IS telling u something. He is just trying to time it just right is all!

~The McCrary's~ said...

OK-just caught up on your blog. Thanks so much for your sweet msgs of concern for us!
I'm sorry about your shed. Girl, I HATE thieves more than I hate liars! They'll get what's coming to them!
I know the IUI is stressful. Don't lose your faith & strength! Perhaps God wanted you to wait until next mo because it'll be a better appt & chance? I'm just thinkin optimistic for ya!

The Swann's said...

New follower... :-) You write beautiful heart warming posts!!! The new "hero" one brought serious tears to my eyes as that's the same way my dh and I feel about one another!!!

"Bring the Rain" and may it glorify God... It's so hard sometimes. My hubby and I feel as though we're stuck in a downpour with no end in sight at times!!!! Life... May our response to the rain be the light that others may need to see to come to know Jesus though!

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