Friday, September 12, 2008


CRUD!!!! I just got tagged!!! I went to a friends paged who tagged everyone reading this, I decided I would play by the “rules” and fill it out too…what the heck :o)


i am: A daughter to wonderful parents, grand daughter to loving grandparents, a sister to a terd of a brother (but I love him!), and a wife to an AMAZING husband (who completes me!!!)

i think: That EVERYTHING happens for a reason!!!!

i know: that God is by our side every step of the way

i want: to tell my husband that he is a daddy SOOO very bad!!!!

i have: learned so much in the past couple years

i wish: my prayers who hurry up and get answered :o)

i hate: hate is a strong word, I dislike people who hurt there children

i miss: My Pepa so very much, I wish that Zach would have gotten to meet him.

i fear: SPIDERS, losing loved ones, failure, and not being able to have a baby

i feel: like things are looking up

i hear: Gram laughing :o)

i smell: nothing really…

i crave: nothing, my meds are making my tummy sick so nothing sounds good.

i wonder: what God’s reasoning’s are sometimes

i regret: nothing, everything has made me into the person I am today!!!!

i love: my husband more than he will EVER know, he means the world to me!!!!!

i ache: in my tummy from my meds and legs from working out

i care: about my whole family

i always: want to be positive, although sometimes it’s hard.

i am not: the type of person who takes things for granted!!!!

i believe: IN MIRACLES!

i dance: in the kitchen with my husband at nights sometimes :o) It’s sweet!!!

i sing: all the time, it’s not good though but it’s very entertaining to Zach :o)

i don't always: understand something’s, but I ALWAYS have Faith that they happened for a reason!

i fight: I am darn chicken…I don’t fight…I don’t like confrontations or anything, but I would fight for my family in a heartbeat!!!

i write: whats on my mind in this blog, it helps!!!!

i win: when it comes to the “best husband award” sorry ladies :o) hee hee!!!

i lose: when it comes to the “insides that work normal award” LOL :o)

i never: REGRET, never give up, never lose Faith, and never dwell on the past…

i confuse: myself a lot…I should have been born a blonde (no offense my to blonde friends!)

i listen: to Waco 100 ALLLL day :o)

i can usually be found: at home, I love being home!!!

i am scared: of SPIDERS, being in the dark alone and being in the car by myself without the doors locked…

i need: to get my hair trimmed!!

i am happy about: getting my IUI done soon!!!!!!

ALRIGHTY's your turn....YOUR TAGGED!!!!

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