Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Do I get to go in tomorrow or not?


Which that doesn't mean much, b/c I could very well go in and not be ready....BUT I could go in and be ready and able to have the IUI Friday. I am just so glad they are giving me ONE more day. I HAVE to be ready tomorrow in order to get the IUI this cycle. If my follicles/lining is NOT ready we will have to do it "natural" this cycle, if I am ready we will get the trigger and have the IUI Friday.

I NEED PRAYERS...LOTS OF THEM. The chances of my body being ready is low, BUT very "do-able" SOO please PRAY for a miracle, my follicles HAVE to be at LEAST a 20 and my lining has to be at LEAST an 8...PLEASE PLEASE PRAY. Zach and I really want to be able to get this IUI this time. We feel in our hearts this is what we need, however we do understand anything can happen and we are NOT the ones in control God is. So we do accept what we will be dealt, we just really hope and pray the cards we are dealt has my body ready and IUI Friday!

ALSO, I talked to my Dr. about a procedure called "ovarian drilling" I have read alot about it and have also been told alot about it, well he doesn't recommend it nor will he do it. He says it's an old school procedure and the stastics are just not what they make them out to be. I was kinda bummed b/c everything I have researched has had good stuff about it, HOWEVER they all did say alot of Dr.'s won't do it now a days, I trust him and know he wants whats best for me so--Dr knows best!!

We also talked about the fertility clinic, as some of you know I am fearing the end of the year as if I am not pregnant I was told we would need to go to an actual fertility clinic (which I am scared to do, for many reasons) a couple are, it's very expensive and the nearest one is 2+ hours away, thats alot of gas and alot of missing work. Well I talked to him about my concern and he said not to worry he will not pressure me or send us there until we are 100% ready, so even if that means we do what were doing now for more months or wait or do whatever we need, it's what WE want. Which makes me feel better, he said whenever we are ready for that step just to tell him. He just said come Dec. thats when he would "suggest" going to an actual Fertility Clinic...WHO KNOWS, come Dec. we might be ready, just as of right now we aren't 100% ready... DON'T get me wrong, like I told him I would do anything to be pregnant and have a child, however thats a HUGE step and alot of it concerns us.

WELL...thats about it for the day!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR GOOOOOOOD THINGS TOMORROW. I will update yall whenever I get back from the Dr.!

Love yall and thanks!!!


Amber said...

Hey girl I will be praying for you tonight and I am glad you have progressed this far.

The Freas' said...

I will be praying!!! I wish so bad that the two of you can get what you need. Kevin and I had our IUI Monday so now we wait. Don't be scared of the fertility clinic. They are very relaxing! They are a pain though ours is 2 1/2 hours away and it does make it a lot harder trust me I know. But you are lucky that your doctor does the IUI my doctor doesn't do any of that. But I wish you the best of luck and I will be praying for you.

Ape and Brett said...

Everything is crossed for you. We ♥ you and Zach!! Let me know what they say. txt me ASAP

Shelly said...

keep hangin in there- it will happen!!! lots pf prayers comin ur way still!

Melody said...

I've been praying for you this morning! Things are going to be ok! Hey, just remember when you do get pregnant with your first one it is MUCH easier (I've heard) the 2nd time around b/c your body "knows" what to do! So, once you get through this, you hopefully will never have to do it again!

Melody said...

Just sent you an e-mail :)

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