Sunday, October 12, 2008

Haunted House

Well Saturday we went to Waxahachie with alot of friends to go to some really neat haunted houses. I am a BIG chicken, so the majority of the time I had my eyes burried into Zach's back, or Nikki's haha! The place we went to was HUGE, it had 5 different haunted houses you could go into, it had scary ppl. walking around scaring you, or FOLLOWING you, it had wax hands, games, food, and all sorts of's was like a Halloween Fair, haha! One of the haunted houses was a maze, that was one of the first ones we did and you had to FIND your way out of there with all sorts of scary things popping out at you...well we went in with Regan and Chris and we were the 2nd group of "our group" well Regan and Chris went one way and Zach pulled me the other way, I wanted to stay with them, but boy am I glad we didn't...some how we got lucky and we found our way out in about 3 minutes....well we waited about 10 more and here came a couple more ppl in our group....then we waited and we waited and we waited....Nikki, Regan, Chris, and the boys have yet to come out...we waited for about 45 minutes it seemed. We were starting to get worried if they would ever find there way out hahaha...well eventually here they cam, I asked Nikki if she was ok, she told me she DEMANDED that a scary person tell her how to get out hahaha!!!! Well we had an amazing time...we haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I have posted some of the pics below....

Me and my honey

Zach, some scary thing, and Vanessa

Regan, Me, my friend, Billy in the back, Vanessa, and Marquise

Me and my Nikki

Billy, Nikki, Marquise and the BAT!


~The McCrary's~ said...

That's so funny! LOL Glad you didn't pee your pants silly girl!

Anonymous said...

brave souls!

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