Thursday, October 9, 2008


WOWZERS, I think I set a new world record...LOL!!!

I'm sure everyone reading my last few blogs are like "gesh...Tiffany must be depressed tonight" or call me "downer Tiff" LOL...BUT the answer is NO, I am perfectly A-OK (pinky promise, haha!!). I was looking through some women's blogs that are in the same situation as I am, and they had some really good stuff that really hit home to my heart. Some of the things were my feelings that I just added, but the poem and a few other things were amazing things some awesome women wrote. Like I mentioned in my following blog, many women/cou ples go through this...I know there is alot of blogs, but I hope you take the time to read each one...they really have alot of information in them and not to mention they are 100% how I feel.

God has a plan for Zach and I...we have accepted this and we know this. Even though we wouldn't wish this on ANYONE, it is nice to know there are women/couples out there who truly understand how we feel...One day day we will have our blessing!!!! I love yall!!!! :o)

To all our FAMILY and FRIENDS, thank you all for being there for me, THANK you all for the SWEET MESSAGES, EMAILS, TEXTS, have no idea how much your prayers and thoughts mean to us...yall are amazing and we truly love yall


Melody said...

GIRLY! I'm sorry it's been so long since I talked with you. i haven't yet responded to your e-mail either but we are all doing well (now that we have all had the stomach flu).

I am NOT a prophet. However, I know that God is NEVER early, NEVER EVER late! I know that you and Zach are probably concerned with the soon aproaching December! You have said that new things will happen with your "fertility issues" (I don't want to call them infertility because I thought I was infertile and look what I have now) :) I truly believe that when it comes time for you to have to move ahead to your new options there will be an intervention from God. When I could not get pregnant I would cry and cry and one night I prayed for help. I completely gave myself up and said, Please just let me know that I CAN have a baby. That night a date came into my head as if someone whispered it inot my ear. In order for me to be due on that day I knew what day I would have to get prenant. Although Bailey was not born on the day I "heard" I did get pregnant around the time I knew I needed too in order to have her that day. I truly believe your little blessing will come. My day was "December 14." I can't help but now think... maybe that was your day?
Please don't think I'm am prophesying over you. I do however, believe that your day will come and I think that because your doctors have said they would try something new in December, that is likely when you will become pregnant. I could be wrong but it will happen regardless! You are a blessing and will soon have a blessing and even though we've never met, I love you and your positive attitude.

The Freas' said...

Thanks so much for allowing me to do that. It is just that sometimes it cannot be said better. I pray for you guys everyday! Thanks again.

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