Thursday, October 9, 2008

Not Alone

I got to thinking, today, about all of the other couples out there that are experiencing what Zach and I are experiencing. How many of them are there?

In the US, alone:
There are approximately 6.1 million women, between the ages of 15-44, with impaired ability to have children.
9.3 million women are using infertility services.
2.1 million couples are infertile.
10.1% of the population that is of reproductive age are infertile.
About 1 in every 6 couples deals with infertility issues.
The good news is:
3 million babies have been born as a result of infertility treatment.
Clomid has a 30%-60% success rate!

(((SO at this moment I ask you to please say a quick prayer, NOT only for us; but for the millions of people going through this. This is a hard situation, and the power of prayer is amazing...God has a plan, and we know it...but extra prayers never hurt))) :o)

Thanks and Love yall

1 comment:

~The McCrary's~ said...

My neighbors tried for 4 yrs & I'm not sure what they ended up doing, but they got their little boy. I KNOW it will happen for you guys too, Tiff! We're always prayin for ya!

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