Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Family Visit

Zach's mother is flying in tomorrow night, she has some personal things she has to take care of down here, and in the mean time she is going to stay with us for a week...Zach and I are so thrilled! We don't have much planned, but we are so happy we get extra time with her...We have gotten to spend quite some time with them this year vs. last...

May/June--we spent a week with them in Williamsburg, VA

Aug--they came here, his mom-sister and neice for 2 weeks, his dad for 1 week

Oct--we went up there for one week

Nov--now his mom is getting to come here for one week

We are so very blessed to have seen them as much as we have this year, we are very thankful for that, although it's still not enough! You never know how much little family moments like this mean to you, until you don't have them anymore. I am very blessed with the inlaws I have, they are all amazing and I love them dearly!!!!


~The McCrary's~ said...

Girl I feel ya! It's hard being away from family sometimes.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the comments! i have spiced it up a lil more. i dunno. haha im so picky. oh well, cmas will be better ones to pick from! so how are things going? thats cool u get to see the fam so much!! and im glad yall get along, so many dont these days.
anyways talk to ya soon!

The Millers said...

You don't know how lucky you are to have great in laws!!

StoopidMonkies said...

Thanks for everything hun! You have something on my blog waiting for ya :)

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