Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thankful Thoughts

Everyday I count my blessing and thank God for everything I am thankful for…but during Thanksgiving season it really makes me appreciate everything in life that I am so thankful for and blessed to have. I am thankful for everything I have experienced in this life of mine. I am thankful for all the tears that I have cried for they have taught me to appreciate laughter, and they have given me the ability to see that joy comes shortly after. Through my tears I have come to know and trust in God, how he is always there and comforts you in your sorrows. I am thankful for the storms in life that I have encountered, knowing that the rainbow is at the end. I am thankful for the peace and realization that they are only temporary storms and with time they will end. I am so very thankful for my husband, without him I would be lost. He is my everything, my angle from God!! He picks my head up when it drops...he's my life...Thank you God for blessing me with such an amazing man!!!! I am thankful for our family and for all the memories we share. Our family is our strength and they too know just how to pick our heads up when they fall, they will always be there for us, and we are so thankful to have the relationships we do with them. I am thankful for our friends...there have been many people who have prayed prayers for us within the last 2 years, people who I never thought even's so nice to know so many people stand behind you and are rooting for you...thank you all!!

Then you have the "little" things...but are they actually little? Not really...actually they are huge, but some people never stop and give thanks for these things...I am thankful for so many things in life…things I never thought to "be thankful for"…such as patience (THANK you God for this!!!), understanding, having faith, high progesterone levels, dr. appts, INSURANCE, My Doctor, my nurse, my whole Dr. office and the sweet ladies who work there, My on-line ttc friends whom I have grown so close to over the years, my boss (she never questions an appt...just supports me and lets me don't find that in most jobs), OUR DOGGIES--OH how I am so thankful for my little 4-legged children…

Zach and I have had a crazy year, but every single thing we have endured has made us even more thankful than the last. God is amazing and everything happens for a reason, and I am THANKFUL that I have accepted things in life and I am THANKFUL that I know to put everything in God’s hands!!! As everyone knows the past couple days weren't the easiest for us, however we are so Thankful that God gave us the patience, understanding, strength to get through it and faith to move forward...God doesn't do things to punish us, and we are thankful we understand that...God does stuff to make us stronger people-->which I am so thankful that I know to trust in him.

Be thankful for everything, I mean EVERYTHING, take this Thanksgiving season as a time to reflect what you are most thankful for but also to acknowledge the "little-big" things that you haven't ever "acknowledged"…and always count your blessings…for without them…life is meaningless!!


Ape and Brett said...

Seeing everything that you have gone through really does make me appreciate the little things in life. Things that most take for granted I dont anymore. You have opened my eyes to so many things in this world, you dont know how you have changed me. Im so glad that Zachary found you. You 2 are the PERFECT match and one day that blessing will come. Ive cried the tears of sadness and happiness with you and Im so ready to cry the HUGE tears of JOY when I can become and auntie ape to my baby (girl) haha or my twins!! You 2 mean the world to us! Audree says she loves you too!!

Anonymous said...

u couldnt have said it better!

Melody said...

You are SO strong! I admire yoU!

The Jarvis Family said...

I envy your strenght! You are such an amazing person and I dont have to know you that well to see that:)

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