Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner at Our House

Today we woke up early and got everything ready for Thanksgiving dinner at our house. I made sweet potatoes, Zach made the turkey and cauliflower casserole. My Grandmother brought the ham, green bean casserole and pecan pie, my Perk brought deviled eggs and banana pudding...and my mom brought stuffing and some good sweets!!! It was amazing, I think we ate till we couldn't eat anymore. I fell almost 100% better than I did the other day so that really helped as well...after dinner we sat around and "rested our turkey off" for a little while, then Zach got up in the attic and started getting our Christmas decoration down....oh we all had so much fun putting it up...I am a little picky with my tree and making sure every ornament is evenly distributed, so they had a good time laughing at me, haha!!! We put our Christmas tree in a different location than we did last year and I love it so much makes our living room more open and seem so much bigger!!!! I was too pooped to wrap the presents we do have, so I will do that later tomrorow night or somtime this week. Tomorrow after church Zach and I are going to put up our outside decorations, I will post pics when everything is done!!! OH HOW, I just LOVE this time of the year, I LOVE family time and well...just everything about it!!!!!!

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