Monday, December 1, 2008

Extra Prayers

It's not Zach's grandpa again, thankfully he is doing wonderful and thanks for those who did pray for him.

It's for me...yes yes, I am ok! However we are gearing up to start another cycle of fertilies. This cycle is so much more important than the past cycles, so I am reaching out for as many extra prayers as we can possibly get. Zach and I only have 2 more cycles left before we will have to take a "med" break (that is just a couple month break that gives my body a quick rest from the fertilities); HOWEVER if for some reason this cycle is like last (not ovulating) this will be our last before a break. SO PLEASE pray, pray if not pregnancy to at least have my body work in the way it's supposed to. Zach and I like to be able to get all the cycles we can in the "cycle" (I know it's probably confusing).

I start my fertilies today (they are bumping me up to 150mg instead of 100mg), and my first appt. is Thursday (CD6)...I won't be ready that day, but since we are going to attempt yet another IUI, we have to start monitoring me early on.

OH how I hope God blesses us with the BEST Christmas present EVER; however as long as my body does what it's supposed to I will be happy!!!!

Thank you for all the prayers you have already prayed...we can't express enough how much it means to us, and I will update everyone after every appt.


Shelly said...

you betcha.
good luck!

The Jarvis Family said...

You got my prayer! Good Luck with everything

~the mccrarys~ said...


Ashley said...

Ill be praying for yall!!! I know how you feel:) I am hoping for the best christmas present also:) GOod luck honey

Melody said...

I read this and said I prayer right then! I hope the best for you!

Mimi said...

I will contiune to pray for you sweetie. It will happen!!! God is holding your hand through it all.


gemlc said...

Tiffany~ Good Luck this cycle, I really hope you and I both get our BFP's. The BEST Christmas goft ever, that would be great. I am in great progress with the IVF, shots shots and more shots. Everything is going well. Anyways, I wish you all the best and I will be thinking about you. Take care and talk to you soon, Gemma.

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