Thursday, February 19, 2009

Can We Cancle This Break??

As most of you know my husband will be having knee surgery in May (not 100% sure on the date yet). Well he called me today and talked about this “break” we are on…I have one more cycle to go, then we would do the HSG, then back on fertilities, and then it should be around May; which we will have to go on a couple month break during that time while he recovers.

I called my Dr today and he is supposed to call me back and let me know if its too late this month to go ahead and get the HSG…we are hoping not, b/c if we can get it done this month, that will give us a little more time since we will be on an “un-expected” break in a couple months. Zach was pretty upset today, he hates these “breaks” just as much as I do…we just don’t feel right “not” trying…we feel like we are destined to be parents…we don’t like the helpless feeling…of course it’s ALL in God’s hands and his hands alone, HOWEVER when you are takeing meds and going to the Dr, you kinda feel like your “boosting” your chances, so being able to do nothing makes it extermly hard at times.

We may not understand why things are happening the way they are, but soon enough we will know…NO matter what our problems may me…big or small, It usually entails a portion of heartache….sometimes it's just a bruise and sometimes it feels like it's shattered into a million pieces, but sometimes it's just God's way of calling us back to him…to make us grow as a person…OR maybe we have to experience this to pave the way for something SO MUCH better!!! Problems will always be a part of life, and at times when were down, when were at our lowest point… I TALK TO GOD! He will enlighten us, clear our confusion, ease our pain, calm our fears, and heal our heart. It's not going to provide us an instant solution to our problems, but God works in MYSTERIOUS ways…and as long as your walk with him, and just trust and believe, the sooner we will get to the place where we will see everything clearly, EVERYTHING happens for a reason, as we might not understand the reason right now…we will when the time is right! I refuse to give up…why? Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the whole world to do, BUT to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart…that's TRUE strength!! NEVER give up; for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn! With GOD, love and patience nothing is impossible!

This is a small bump in our road, and we won’t let it get in our way! God is amazing…


Ashley said...

I hope everything works out the way it's suppose too!!! Good luck!!! you are in my prayers:)

Ashley said...

I really really really hope the dr calls you back with good news! I love you guys and I want and wish NOTHING but the absolute BEST for you 2! Never give up! Ya'lls dream will come true ;)

Mimi said...

You are truly amazing girl. I love reading your posts because they bring me right back down to earth. Thank you!

God is good!


Melody said...

Your baby is coming :)

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