Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Verdict of The MRI

Well unfortunately it wasn’t “as” good of news as we would have hoped for. He does have to have surgery, luckily it is the little one (arthroscopy—which is a lot of little incisions vs. the big one)

His ACL is torn and so is his meniscus. He will be on crutches for 2 weeks—out of work about a week, and then has to refrain from pretty much doing anything for 4-6 months. It will be an outpatient surgery that will last an hour-2 hours; they will have to take a tendon from his hamstring to replace the torn one in his knee, however if his tendon from his hamstring isn’t sufficient enough then he will have a foreign tendon (donor tendon) put in. He will most likely have this surgery in May-ish; he is to set up the time within the next couple of weeks. It just has to be after April so that I can take off with him.

Please say a prayer that everything goes well, I realize it’s far away, but it’s a little more serious than we suspected, but not “as” serious as it could be—which for that we are very grateful for.

God is amazing, and we know that everything happens for a reason!!


Mimi said...

Yes he is honey!!!! I am so glad that it is the lesser surgery. I'm sorry he has to have it though! Poor hubby boo. I will be praying hard for you guys!!

Love ya!!!


Ashley said...

Awww..poor Zach!! :( This will be good though bc I know he has been having some problems and the surgery will hopefully fix all of that!! I know you will take GREAT care of him after he has the surgery :)

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