Sunday, February 15, 2009

MRI Tomorrow

Zach is going to have an MRI on his knee tomorrow afternoon (well night...his appt is 7:45pm--I know LATE!)...his knee has been bothering him for a while, pretty much his knee pops out and his whole legs gives away and sometimes he falls in agony pain!!! The Dr. is hoping he doesn't have to have surgery, but he very well might have too, it all depends on how is MRI goes. We won't know anything until Thursday when he has his follow up with his sports and medicine Dr.

If you could please say a prayer that it is nothing serious and that he does not have to have surgery, and please pray if he does it's nothing to bad!

Thank you SOOOO much! Ya'll are AMAZING!!!! :)


Ashley said...

I REALLY hope he doesn't have to have surgery!! Poor Zach :(

Ashley said...

I just said a prayer!! GOOD LUCK!!!

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