Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Well last night I experienced my first sight of a MRI. Zach asked the lady if I could go in with him, I had to fill out some paper work then they gave me the OK…I could tell he was a little nervous, I don’t think it was the actual MRI that made him nervous, it was more thinking about the “results” that made him nervous.

Well before we walked in of course we both had to take of any jewelry, lock up my purse and all of our other things…when we got in the room she looked at me and said “do you have bobbie pins in your hair”…I didn’t even think of that, I said yes 4, she asked that I take them out b/c if not they will fly out of my hair and towards the machine (Oh my goodness!!!!!) Zach just looked at me like “what am I getting into haha”…they gave me some earplugs and I pulled a chair up near Zach, he had his little ear-muffs on and with the noise of the MRI machine we just stared at each other b/c there wasn’t anyway we could hear each other talk, I looked at a home interior book and would show him pics, he would crinkle his face up if he didn’t like it and smile if he did!!! About 45 minutes later he was all done :o)

Of course we didn’t find anything out last night…he has his appt with the sports and medicine Dr. on Thursday and that is when they will talk about what needs to be done. I asked him that IF he does have to have surgery, if he can ask that it be after April so that I can take off with him (his vacation starts in January, however mine doesn’t start until April)…of course he said YES! However, IF he does have to have surgery, this will put our trying to conceive journey on hold until he recovers…which is fine by me…I just want him to feel better and to be able to move or do certain things without having to worry about his knee popping out of place!

Please keep the prayers going that my husband gets good results Thursday and that if he does have to have surgery it’s minor and not serious. Thank you all, I really appreciate it!


Melody said...

Tiffany, a girl I work with has been ttc off and on and not really serious yet. But, she did start to get down and last week her grandpa died. It was really hard on her and I told her it is a good thing she is not pregnant or with a little one right now. God knows when the right time is to have your baby and when you do you want things to run as smoothly as possible! I hope Zach is ok!

Ashley said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed that ya'll get great news on thurs. :)

~the mccrarys~ said...

i hope it all turns out ok & he doesnt have to have the surgery! keep me posted!

Megan said...

Oh goodness! Lots of prayers that it's nothing serious! Ouch!

Mimi said...

Praying so hard for you guys. In more ways than one. Love you girl!


Anonymous said...

oh gosh. i hope he doesnt have to have the surgery. poor guy. ill be praying for him.

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