Tuesday, March 24, 2009


SPRING---ahhhh; I absolutley LOVE Spring....the flowers that bloom...ALL the Bluebonnets on the road side on the way to work...the nice warmer weather...the wonderful walks with my honey and our pups...FLIP FLOP weather...and last but def. not least My SPRING outside decor'.

I LOVE getting flowers every year and planting them, the question is...will I keep them alive this year ;) I LOVE dragging my favorite "spring-summer" welcome sign and sticking it by our entrance to the house...being able to walk outside and just sit and play with the pups...

Last weekend Zach took me to Lowes and told me I could get anything I wanted...well I got tons of flowers to plant and put in pots...we worked on this all day Sunday after church!!!! Here are a few pics of our SPRING decor' :)

My FAVORITE welcome sign!!!


A view of some of the flowers I planted!!

I LOVE these!!!

Zach always gets me these flowers when he goes to the store after work some days, I am not sure the name of them, but they are one of my favorites. They are BEAUTIFUL...well when we were at Lowes he spotted the "plant" and picked it up and said "These will last you alot longer...to you from me" :) He is so sweet...so here are my flowers "esp." from my honey...

I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Spring weather like we are :)

**On a side note; THANK YOU ALL for the comments, messages, texts, calls and emails wishing me good luck tomorrow morning at my appt! Ya'll are TRULY amazing--thanks for all the prayers we appriciate it so much...I will be sure to update ya'll on my follicles ASAP tomorrow morning**


b is for brown said...

i am jealous! i want spring! it is still SO cold here. :(

you feeling good? day 21 here and NERVOUS!

b is for brown said...

good luck tomorrow! Praying for u. Praying for me. LOL!

Buford Betty said...

Hey there! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! It's always great find others who *get* what you're going through. I too will be praying for you guys! Glad to find your blog. :-)

twondra said...

Love the flowers! I'm jealous...we're supposed to get snow this weekend. :( I sooooo want spring. :)

Mimi said...

I can't wait for spring. Well technically it is spring but I live in Michigan so it will be another month or so. LOL

GOOD LUCK AT YOUR ULTRASOUND HONEY!!! Update as soon as you can!!

Love ya,

Ashley said...

I love the flowers! They are soo pretty :) Now, you really have me wanting to plant some! Guess, I know what I am going to be doing this weekend.

~the mccrarys~ said...

aw i decorated for spring/easter last night too! i thought of you as well & wondered if i should take pics for our blog. lol

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