Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Husbands Point of View

Hey everyone!

This is Zachary; Tiffany's husband (the one she probably talks none stop about-HA!). I have never "blogged" before, so forgive me if this doesn't turn out as well as Tiff's posts. This week is very important to my wife and I, so since this is "NIAW" I thought it would be nice of me to "post a blog" and write to all of you and tell you my views on infertility.

First things first-I want to say "THANK YOU" to the many who have kept up and are following our journey throughout this infertility roller coaster. I also appreciate all of ya'll who help my wife stay in high spirits by the many prayers and the kind comments and emails we get daily.

When I first learned of "infertility" I didn't expect it to be so tough to understand. Everyday we learned something new...good things and bad things, but you have to keep moving on and thinking positive. In the beginning I thought it was "no big deal"...something minor that we would would overcome in a few months. I'll never forget the day we heard those dreaded words "Unexplained Infertility", I could not believe it...there was not way, being parents is something we want more than anything! Once I understood what it meant to be "officially infertile" and what it would take to achieve our miracle we longed for, we began to dig in for the long haul. We were (and still are) trying everything--from tons of daily vitamins to "ice packs" (I'm sure some of you know what I am talking about...can I just say "COLD"!!!). Every appointment we thought "this is it"....then we would get the call, month after month again saying "I'm sorry, not this time". It's amazing how fast you go from being so hopeful to so depressed in a matter of 2 seconds...all because of three little words "not this time". Some days are harder than others, when I have those days I just turn and see my bright and shining wife. I am so proud of her and who she has become throughout this journey. She is being so strong throughout this whole ordeal, it's amazing how big of an impact this "roller coaster" as had on us, we have learned so much throughout this and we know we will make it through this journey. God has a plan for us (I'm sure my wife has said this many times on here, this is one thing that keeps us going-knowing that God has a plan for us!)

In closing I want to again say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who is following our journey and praying for us-there are nights we sit and read all the comments and emails over and over...we are truly grateful. I hope and pray in the end that we "all" are blessed with the wonderful gift of parenthood in one form or another.

Thank you and God Bless you all-

P.S. don't forget to tell Tiffany that I "blog" better than her :) ha!!!


Ashley said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWW........I am sooo glad Z blogged!!!! Ya'll are both soo lucky to have one another and I know ya'll will get thru this! Ya'll are each others rock and the AMAZING love ya'll have for each other is sooo sweet! I love you guys and just know we are continuously praying for you =)

Love ya~

blessedmomto7 said...


Nichole said...

That is just beautiful! Tiffany - you and Zach have really done some amazing things this NIAW - you are so inspiring and one of my favorite blogs to read!

God Bless You Both!

~the mccrarys~ said...

aww how awesome of zach to blog too! this week isnt just about the women who are "trying to get pregnant" but also for the men who are "tryin to get them pregnant"! so nice to hear from a husband's side of it all!

Mommy-To-A-Miracle said...

I'm a new online friend who suffered 11 1/2 years, the loss of quadruplets @19w6d and the loss of a twin @9w1d before finally getting my miracle. She will be 2 years old on May 18th!

I know all too well how hard it is to sit on the sideline and watch everyone around you get pregnant, year after year after year. It's pretty tough to handle.

Having a wonderful support system that include other infertiles, who truely understand the pain you are going through, makes the journey much more bearable.

I hope your miracle is in your arms soon!

My ears are always open, so feel free to contact me any time!

I look forward to following your journey!

Crystal said...

So sweet Tiffany! You two are such amazing people. All I can think about right now, is that one day your child is going to read back and see how much you LOVED them before they were ever conceived.

Praying still!

Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed your posts this week. You have yourself a very special sweetie! God bless!

Jenn said...

What a sweet post. You can feel the love that the two of you have for one another. I'm so happy that I found your blog and can pray for you and follow your journey.

twondra said...

That was so sweet Zachary! Thanks for sharing from a husband's point of view.

Ashley said...

That was so sweet of Zach! My husband would have looked at me like I was crazy;) Thinking about you this week and loving your posts! ((HUGS))

Melody said...

Zach, that was so sweet! I'm so glad Tiff has someone like you!

Ape said...

Zachary that was such a sweet and "cute" post! Im so glad you blogged NOWI CAN TELL BRETT YOU ARE AN OFFICIAL BLOGGER haha dont worry he wont make fun of you, okay maybe just a bit. I think that you are one of the BEST GUYS on this world, besides Brett of course haha I am so glad that you found the love of your life. I am so grateful for ya'lls friendship and I know Ive said this a million and one times but you know I am praying for yall. There isn't a day that goes by the I dont think about the both of you and who yall have become!! It will happen!!

ashley said...

That was such a sweet post. Thank you for taking the time to write.

Anonymous said...

Zack - God Bless You for sharing your point of view. Its something many guys won't do.

I love following your journey and pray the both of you will be parents soon!!

Katie said...

Awww what a sweetie pie :) I'm glad that the two of you have found each other. It really is a blessing to wake up every day to your soulmate. And so much easier to go through these trials and tribulations with your partner.
I told Christopher that he is truely my partner in life. We do everything together and help each other in all endeavors. That's obviously what y'all have too :)

Thanks for your really sweet comments on my blog. They really really make my day!!!! XOXOXO

Char and Lois said...

Way to go, Zachary!!! Nice to hear from you...and keep us posted at
xoxo The Chicago Nurses!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, there's the first one that made me cry. Zach, you're equal with Tiff being able to that good enough? LOL! What an amazing husband you have and he likewise has an amazing, strong wife (we knew that already). I love ya Tiff, and as I have said MANY times your blog helps me more than you will EVER know! I think this is something I will have to share with my dear husband.

Veronica said...


Don't know if Tiffany has ever mentioned me to you before. I am the girl who makes the crocheted baby hats. I'll never forget the day I checked my blog and happened to find that I had a new commenter and was Tiffany. I immediately went over to her blog and have been hooked ever since.

Please know that you guys are in my daily thoughts and prayers. You guys have really helped me to appreciate my two little girls, and I will never look at infertility in the same way again. I hope that you guys will get to experience parenthood soon. It is every emotion rolled into one! I really can't wait for the day when you guys announce that you're going to be parents!

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