Thursday, May 7, 2009

National Day of Prayer

While driving to work this morning, I noticed flags all around our Church which is down the street from where I live. I start thinking about “what is today?..why all the flags?” As I’m getting closer to work and passing a few more Church’s I see these flags again…I remember seeing something on the calendar earlier this week, but can’t remember for the life of me what is the importance of “today”. As I drove up in our parking lot, my first thoughts were hurrying in to see what “today was”…

Today is “NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER”…{now I remember—brain fart!!! I blame it all on fertility meds personally ;) }

As soon as I saw it, I started praying, I prayed for as many people as I can think of…I prayed for all of ya’ll…my mom…my husband…Poppee…I prayed until I couldn’t think anymore…

I plan on praying MANY times today, as often as I can! There are SEVERAL people whom need prayers right now. If you all can click on someone news blog that you haven’t ever been to and pray for them…when you comment on someone’s blog today pray for the person directly above you each time…lets completely fill up God’s “inbox” with prayers…he will be grateful to answer these prayers, as will the people we are praying for will be grateful for receiving these prayers.

Please feel free to copy and paste this or start your own “National Day of Prayer” blog…although I personally pray every single day and not only on National Prayer Day, I hope and pray today that TONS of people pray even more than they do on ordinary days—just think if we all pray for one person we don’t normally pray for, if we all randomly click on someone’s blog, and whether they have an illness or struggle in there life we pray for them. When you pray for these people, please let them know you are praying for them. I can’t begin to explain to you HOW much it means to me that you all are praying for my family and I, and when I receive all of y’alls sweet comments I KNOW I will be ok and I KNOW I will get through this journey; esp. with the love and support from all y’all.

Think of all the people you can pray for today….When that person cuts you off today and didn’t use there turn signal, pray for them! When you’re late to work because that person in front of you is going 30 in a 50, pray for them! When you boss gets on to you for whatever the reason…pray for them! When you’re at the grocery store and that person steals you’re parking place, or the lady almost runs you over with her grocery cart and doesn’t say she is sorry…or when you are on your way home and you see that lonely man standing on the corner with a “homeless” sign…there are many people who need prayers! Just think of how that will impact there lives as well as yours. God’s grace and glory is endless…I pray you have a fabulous day, and I pray that you all let God walk through you today!


Sarah said...

Thanks for the reminder, Tiffany - I'll post something to my blog right now about it!!

Jodi said...

Nice post! I'll be sure to pray for many, including you! I agree, I think clomid is messing with my brain! :)

Hey - I thought you were going to follow me!? LOL! Would still love to have you! :)

Mimi said...

And I will be praying for you honey! Hugs


Amber said...

Thanks for the reminder and what a great post!

Traci said...

Tiffany, this is TraciW (from the IAP website). I just wanted to let you know I'm still checkin up on ya! I feel like a stalker sometimes, haha. I just said a prayer for you too. Have a great day!

Megan said...

Oops! Had no idea today was National Day of Prayer.

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