Friday, May 29, 2009

A "New" Way...

Ash has been thinking of a way to include “EVERYONE” in the raffle…NOT just those who donate/purchase. They want all of you lovely bloggers to have a chance to win something, and I agree with them—you all are so amazing and YOU should all have a chance to participate.

Plus this will help you be able to get entered “EVERY WEEK” after all we have many things to raffle off and there all so amazing…

So here is how you can get your name entered-

* For every $1.00 donated/or purchasing an item your name will be entered one time -> example: donation of $5.00 or purchase of a $5.00 item gets your name entered 5 TIMES now!

* For every comment left you get one entree into the raffle!

* For every re-post you get 2 entrees into the raffle -> however you will have to leave a comment or send an email telling us you did this, that away we can make sure we put your name in the drawling!! (so if you leave a comment AND re-post…that’s 3 chances to win already!!!)

* For every picture sent in for Ashley’s project, you will get your name entered in one time.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see what amazing product will be raffled off next week...and make sure your following The Pifer Bean Fund blog to see what the "hint" is as well as other information that won't be posted on my blog!!!


Melody said...

Hey tiff, I don't know why but my blog has been doing the same thing... you need to fix your "THE PIFER BEAN FUND" link. It's not working. You will have to go in and erase what is already in there and re-type and THEN save :)

Kimberly said...

Wow, thanks

Rosie said...

Yes!!! I can't wait to win! lol. j/k. Did they see my re-post & picture. I didn't tell them, but I assumed they saw it.

Grandma~rella said...

I just posted your blog button to my blog, but no need to enter me in your contest~that's not why I posted. :) See, I've been where you are. My 30 year old daughter is where you are...and I just want you to know we're all praying for you. Here's four special words which I truly believe helped me out over 30 years ago...
(((HUGS))) G'Ma~rella <3

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