Saturday, May 30, 2009

Can I Win??

Ash announced the NEW Raffle Giveaway this morning....hop over here to read week # 3's amazing giveaway!!!

One question though---can I win??? ha! This product is something I would LOVE to have; I've looked at these quite a bit locally but haven't purchased one yet--I know I know I can't win; but if I can't that means one of you amazing women need too!!!

Remember the raffle rules changed and now MORE people have a chance of getting there names put in MULTIPLE time!!!! Read here for more details....

So head over to The Pifer Bean Fund Blog and check out week 3!!!


Check back later for updates on my "patients" :)

and last call for all questions...I'm almost done with the question post, so if you haven't asked your question, now is the time!!! :)


Kaela said...

Tiffany! What happened to updates on your life girl! I need to know how YOUR life is going. Like Zachs leg and your mom and now your back! :)


Ashley said...

I agree with Kaela...what's happening to you;) ((HUGS))

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