Tuesday, May 5, 2009

She HAS a Blog!!!!

One of my very close friends from high school, Rosemary (Rosie), has a blog!!! Rosemary is a very special friend, we have known each other for so long and she has been here, like many, for me throughout this journey. Recently she discovered she as well has "unexplained infertility"! I have been trying to talk her into this whole "blog world" for a while and I'm HAPPY to say she has a blog at last!!I really hate that she has to go through this as well, but at the same time it's always so nice having someone there who truly understands!

Here is the letter she wrote about infertility during National Infertility Awareness Week! Like she mentions in her letter, we never imagined that this was God's plan for us. We spent our high school days being "girls" and being "boy crazy"...never did it even cross our minds that we would be going through this journey.

Please head over to her page, show her some love and prayers and follow her journey as she to, climbs this high mountain called "Infertility"!


Kristi said...

I would hate to say it is neat, but more of it is nice to have someone right there that knows what you are dealing with. I had the same and yet no one could relate to me. That will be good on your low days. I am new to your blog, but I was wondering if you have tired any procedures or drugs?

Kristi said...

Ok I am stupid, I just found your time line. Sorry!

Kristi said...

Now I want to comment, Praise God your tubes are clear now. Sometimes it is hard to give God the glory during trying times, but hang in there. His timing is the best. I am living proof.

Brittany and Charlie said...

Great to have a friend by your side!

Jodi said...

It's helps to have friends by your side! Especially those who understand!

Mimi said...

It's a bitter sweet thing isn't it? I'll go check her out!


Lauren Kelly said...

YAY! It's always fun with friends join the bloggy world and it's wonderful that you have someone that can walk this journey with you and know's what your experiencing!

Rosie said...

Wow! Thanks for the "shout out" lol. I'm excited to start blogging. Now if I can just come up with stuff to write about :) XOXO

Amber said...

Ive also debated on a blog but havent broken the grounds to do one. Glad that you have a dear friend that you can share things with and they know what you talking about.

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