Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sweet Haidyn

I am so thankful and so happy that my good friend Ashley let me watch her beautiful little girl, Haidyn, on Saturday. As you all know I have been on an emotional roller coaster with my mom, and having her surgery only days away has been extremely nerve racking. Well sweet Haidyn kept my mind off of alot of things, I am 25 years old and 8 hours is the longest I have ever been with a baby by myself, haha...I had my many calls to Ashley asking if I was doing things right haha!!! You would think for someone who wants a baby more than anything in the world I would just know what to do, well...I don't; so all ya'll beware for when I do get pregnant it will be question after question :)

Haidyn and I played with all her toys, watch a little cartoons, went swimming, and played all afternoon! I had a wonderful time with her, and I made Ashley swear that I could watch her more!!! Lord knows I could really use some practice ;-)

Here are a few pictures from the day!!!

Me and Haidyn

I wish I looked this good in my swimming suit, haha!!!
She is absolutley adorable!


Ashley said...

Hahaha...that pic of her on the couch is soo cute!!! I LOVE all the pics and thank you so much for keeping and you can keep my girls anytime!! I will see you in the morning at the hospital. I am saying tons of prayers for you guys.

Love ya-

Ape said...

she is just the cutest little thing!! And yes i wish I looked that good in a bikini haha i love her so much :o)

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