Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update & "Growing"

I apologize for my lack of updates today. I am quite busy at work trying to catch up and get as much done before I am off all next week for Zach’s knee surgery.

I was at the hospital till around 10:30 last night and have talked to her nurses this morning. My mom is still scared and is still experiencing some pain. They are not 100% sure if it’s her brain that is not sending her the signal to move her leg or that it just needs therapy. Since my mother has to be put to sleep to have MRI’s done due to her uncontrolled movements, they are holding off on the MRI for now; as they do not feel comfortable putting her to sleep right now.

She is still in ICU and they are waiting for another “regular” room to come open and she will be transferred there and undergo some therapy, which hopefully will help her leg—meaning it’s just weak.

Thank you so much for the prayers, God is amazing and he will get us through this. Like I told my mother, she is alive and we have so many things to be thankful for right now, so her leg not moving is the least of our worries. She WILL be ok and that’s what matters most. She realized that now, she is just a little scared. So please continue to pray for strength for her.

She asked me last night why God lets certain things happen, I don’t have that answer but I told her my opinion is he wants to bring us closer to him, he wants to build our strength, our faith…he wants us to grow as people, grow closer to others, he wants us to set our fears in his hands and let him walk us through this journey called life. I’m uncertain why God does certain things, and why certain people have to go through certain things, but I have Faith that he has a reason and that no matter his reason we will all grow due to our struggles in life.

So, to turn this subject around and so I can get to know ya’ll, when you leave a comment on this post, can you tell meHow have your grown?” whether it’s a struggle you have personally been through or one you witnessed from a friend or loved one…I want to know how going through/or watching a loved one struggle (no matter the situation) has made you grow as a person!!!! :)


Ashley and David said...

For me it was my son being born prematurely and what a miracle he is. He was born at 36 which isnt extremely early but for white boys their lungs are usually under developed which happened in my sons case. Also another thing that happened is my placenta had already detached if we would have waited any longer to go to the hospital he would not be here today. It changed my out look on life and what i spend my time doing. I now try to help parents going through the same thing and take treats and clothing donations up to the NICU. I hope eventually premature births can be somewhat contolled and if I had to do it all over again I would so someone else didnt have to walk that path.

Amber said...

I think going through all of the TTC has really brought me closer because its really tested my faith on so many levels. It has made me realize that Im not in control but he is regardless if its what we want or not. Ive also tried to find bible verses for each little thing and it truly has helped a ton!

Machelle said...

I would also have to say it has been the infertility with us and having to under go IVF. We were very blessed with getting pregnant the first round with twin girls. However, they were born at not even 31 weeks so very premature. That has taught me patience. Weird thing is, before I was pregnant I asked Heavenly Father to teach me patience and in an odd way, that did it. Preemie babies are hard. Reflux, low immune system, etc. I still have to work on my patience and at the time I did not know why He was putting me through such trials. I hated to see the girls suffer with tubes all over and whatnot...but to see them, such fighters, flourish and really have nothing wrong is a blessing as well. I agree it has brought our family closer and has taught me how to really know what love is.

I wish and pray for all the best with your mother and with your infertility.

ShannonLeideker said...

The past year or so has been very much a bitter sweet year. I found out I was pregnant in Febuary, my best friend past away while giving birth to her baby girl in April, I found out in late May that I was carrying a little girl. In early June I found out that my baby has heart defects. For a month I went thourgh lots of testing to find out exactly what she had. In July I found out that my baby will need open heart surgery to survive. The remainder of my pregnancy was filled with doctors/hospital visits up to 3-4 times a week. In October I gave birth to my miracle, Madison. She did great for 3 weeks and then only went down hill with oxygen problems. She had her Open Heart surgery in November at 5 weeks old. Now she is a healthy, chunky, 7 months old.
Talk about needing faith and patience! Even though I have been through so much, I feel SO blessed. The last year has made me grow up thats for sure. I now NEVER take anyone in my life for granted. Life is SO short!

Angela said...

I was living a "perfect" life until April 2008 when I gave birth to my second son. About an hour after he was born, my doctor came and told us that he has Down syndrome. It completely took us by surprise, but we knew that God was not surprised. Our sweet Benjamin had open-heart surgery in October and intestinal surgery in January. He turned one a couple of weeks ago and is doing really well.
As he grows, sometimes it's easier and sometimes it's harder. It took me about nine months to stop crying about it and to not view it as a death sentence. And while I'm not excited that my son has DS with all the struggles that he'll face, I am growing more in the Lord and learning more day by day how to live with my dependence on Him.


Ape said...

well you know ill comment but you already know my personal story to God. BUT for those WHO DO NOT KNOW!! I am tiffany's best friend and her and zach are my daughter's Godparents. My daughter was born @ 32 weeks due to a placenta abruption. Thankfully she was a chunky monkey and weighed in @ 4 lbs 13.8 oz, however she was still 8 week early. She was immediatley placed on a ventilator and had to be sedated for 5 days so she would night fight the machine. She had lines and tubes coming out everywhere, had feeding tubes, oxygen, etc. She had to stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for 31 days and it was the hardest days of my life. Not being able to bring my child home, not to be able to feed her every time, not being able to hold her when she was born, etc. It was very hard and scarey but we oulled through and she is now a healthy 15 month old and weighs 25 lbs!! God DEF helped me get through it

Shan said...

Can I cheat and offer links instead? Read whenever you have time.

Long story here:

And another post written by myself & my husband here:

Keeping you all in my prayers!

Following Him said...

Three weeks ago, I signed up to recieve daily devotionals and have started actually reading my bible again. I blamed stress, school, and life with no time. But now I know I had to make time and schedule God into my life. God made me through his hand and heart and I owe him thanks each and every day. A prayer was answered today as my sister got her acceptance letter to A&M and it was like God hearing our prayers and fufilling a dream for her. I cried in HEB and was so psyched for her. God shows HIMSELF in so many ways and we just have to open our eyes and watch HIS MIRACLES.
Praying for your mama!

Dawn said...

I was 39 when I had my daughter. I know, no spring chicken. Didn't plan to be that age, just the way life happens. We wanted more children and decided to see what happens. When my daughter was 9 months old we found out we were pregnant again and were ecstatic. But unfortunately this baby boy wasn't going to develop and due to my age and complications, it was a very emotionally painful point of our lives.
If this baby would have happened he would be turning 1 next month. I can't even begin to explain how hard this has all been. I've had a lot of low points and about 2 months ago I had my lowest point and ever since that moment it's been so much better. Time has helped and finding strength in all the awesome blogs I've ran across.
I have learned I need to be grateful for what I have and not dwell on what I don't have.

Elisabeth said...
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twondra said...

As you know, my husband has struggles with a lot of health issues. I've often asked God why he has to go through so much and why our marriage is so different. But, I've definitely grown in that I cherish life sooooo much more and I cherish the moments I have with Mark more. I've grown closer to my family and my nieces and nephews and I've had people tell me how much they admire my strength and faith with all we've been through. I realize that's how God works and I'm lucky He chose me. :)

I'm still thinking and praying for your mom, sweetie. (((HUGS)))

Love ya

Natalie said...

We are praying for you. I did a post not too long ago (in APRIL) called "HEALER" -- I encourage you to read it. I wrote it IMMEDIATELY after arriving home after spending the morning with my Dad as he was having surgery to remove a malignant tumor from his colon - this would be the 3rd MAJOR surgery he has had.

Keep a positive outlook - trust me, I know it's hard. It's hard not to worry, the what-ifs, the whys of it all. Our God is BIGGER than all of this and no matter what, he'll bring you through this.

Lord Jesus, I pray for Tiffany's mama, I pray that you will lift her spirits, that you will be with her and wrap your loving arms around her so that she KNOWS without a shadow of a doubt that you are there with her. Lord, I pray for Tiffany. I lift her up to you as she is worried about her Mom. I pray that you will ease any fears or concerns that she is having. I ask all of this in your son's most precious name - AMEN!!!!!

Hugs from Tampa!

Lori said...

Through our journey of IF it has brought me closer to the Lord, it has strengthened my faith, it has made me realize the Lord want to give you the desires of your heart but at the same time He has a bigger plan in place for us. He might not give us an answer right now, but it surely does not mean that He is not there every step of the way for us to lean on. His timing is perfect is probably the biggest lesson I have learned so far on this journey we were forced to go on!

Stacey said...

My journey with infertility and recurrent miscarriage over the past 8 years has been full of hardships and lessons learned. The Lord is teaching me right now that sometimes the battle is not mine to fight. Trusting Him is something I must do daily, but I know that He has a plan in all of this and He has promised never to leave us!

Still praying for your mom's recovery, Tiffany!

Amber Schmidt said...

I am a dramatically different person than I was before Kyleigh was born. Almost three years later and over 4 years since her initial prenatal diagnosis I still believe that God sent my baby girl here for ME. She was sent to save me... from myself, my stupid notions, my insecurities and flawed faith.

Since Kyleigh was born I have learned what it is like to PRAY. I know what it is like to CRY OUT to God and to watch Him answer. I know that I have seen miracles and I know what it is to have nothing but faith to run on. I have been through hell on earth. I have fought, with the BIGGEST of allies on my side and HE has won the battle for me. And I realize... while it was a trial... (and still is many days) the battle was won a long time ago... on a cross at Calvary.

Most of all I realize that most of the time, the BLESSING is in the JOURNEY but is often not realized until the end product.

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