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Calling ALL Readers

So many of you have left me sweet comments, have sent me your success story or very inspirational emails, so many have sent me a beautiful card that has really uplifted my spirits in ways I can not express. So many have totally amazed me by your thoughtfulness!!!

NOW I want to know about YOU! You all know pretty much everything there is to know about me—if you don’t know...just ask :)….but now I want to know about youwhat is your storywhere are you fromwhat is your blog link so I can go and read your blog…what brings you to my blogtell me about yourself!!!

SO, for all you readers that just lurk without commenting, NOW is the time that you come introduce yourselves and comment--- tell me about yourself! Every one of you…I’m “Calling All Readers”….I want to know about YOU!!!

What are you waiting for...I can't wait to read about you!!


Tiffany said...

My name is Tiffany too, and I live in Northern California, and I am 27.

My husband is Gabe and we have been married for almost 5 years. You alreadt know quite a but about me from my blog.

IVF #3 brought us our twins, and I am sending tons of luck and prayers to you for your upcoming appointment.

We too struggled with the costs, but some how it all worked out. The IVFs are not paid for fully, but they will be soon. We did a study for IVF #1, that is something you should look into. As for paying for the other two... we discovered that if you use a hospital which is a preferred provider through your insurance some things are covered or even fully paid for, again something to look into.

Kimberly said...

Why thanks for asking :). I'm Kimberly of
Single "again" at 37 and unfortunately no kids. But still trusting that God has a plan for even me! I'm an audiologist in San Antonio, mommy to a spoiled dog Carly, aunt, sister, small group leader and friend. It is a pleasure to pray for you.

The Browns said...

Hey Tiffany,
I've been a regular at reading your blog, but not sure I've posted.
Me & my husband struggled with infertility for 2 1/2 years & found out last month that we are expecting our first baby in January. Our first ultrasound went well & everything looked good. Don't give up hope! I was supposed to go in to have my tubes tested at the 1st of May & instead found out I was pregnant! I have met so many girls through blogging that struggle with infertility & I know God has great plans for us all :)
My blog is:


The Browns said...

Oh & I love the fact that you have chi-chi's! I have 1 full chihuahua & 1 part chi-chi & rat terrier. They are my babies!

ShannonLeideker said...

HI!!! I'm Shannon I'm 26 years old wife to crazy, wonderful Chris, a mommy to hilarous, beautiful Madison and a dog-mom to a sassy cute dog, Bella. I am a part time dental assistant (want to be a stay at home mom!) I started my blog when I was pregnant to keep everyone updated. We knew at 20 weeks that Madison will be born with a Congenital Heart disease so friends and family wanted to keep up with baby and I. I also used it to update when Madi had her Open Heart Surgery. I have kept it up know because I have met so many wonderful people (like you!!).

Kylee said...

I'm Kylee and I am 30 years old. I have been married for 6 years and have 5 year old twins and a 13 month old. We live in Vermont. I haven't struggled with infertility but I have watched my best friend struggle with it. After 3 years she is finally pregnant! Praise God!
I found your blog I think through April rose's blog. Your faith and honesty are what keeps me coming back. I am keeping you in my prayers.

Brittany and Charlie said...

My name is Brittany. I found your blog through KellysKorner Prayer blog I think. I have not struggled with infertility but have a big heart for people who do. I pray for you and hope for the best.

I am 24 and married. I have a 9 month old girl and just love blogging and blog friends!

The Dimino's said...

Hi!! My name is Crystal!! I am a Mississippian living in East Texas and am a wife and mom to two wonderful guys!! I also struggled with infertility for 1.5 years!! My precious miracle is almost 4 months old!! My blog address is Praying for you!!!

Chickie said...

It is funny that you are doing this now because I JUST did this on my blog (

Here is the link to the blog entry that tells about me!!!

I forgot how I came over to your blog but I am still here!!

And my husband's name is Zach too!

Abbie said...

I am new to your blog, but have been subscribed to it for a couple weeks.

My name is Abbie and my husband is Jeff. We are struggling with IF also and with the costs, as we are 100% out of pocket. I think I found your blog through the April Rose blog. We have two adorable puppies.

Mandi said...

My name is Mandi and I'm from Ohio. It's a pleasure to read your blog! My hubby and I are struggling with infertility for about 1 1/2 years now. We just had our first IUI on May 28th and just waiting to see if it worked for us! I have a very spoiled dog-son, a cocker spaniel names Luke. Not sure how anxious he is to be a "big brother", but we are VERY anxious to make him one. I can't remember how I happened upon your blog, but I love to check back and see how it's going, us ladies struggling with infertility have to stick together =) You can read about my experience thus far on my blog (I'm pretty new to the whole blog thing, so please disregard the simplicity of it)

K Mommy said...

Hi! I am Karmen and I live in Alabama. I am 23 years old. My husband nd I have been married for 5 years this past May and we have one little girl.

I can't remember exactly how I found your blog but I keep coming back to pray for you and your husband in your quest for a baby.

My blog link is:

Take care!


Jen VBK said...

My name is Jennifer and I ,too, struggle with unexplained infertility. My husband and I have been married for 6 years as of tomorrow and we had a miscarriage in 05. After that miscarriage, I have not been able to get pregnant. :-(
The doctors have no idea what the reason is and while we have been to the infertility specialist, I started getting sick soon after. Since then, we found out that I have gall bladder issues and just had my gall bladder out last Wednesday.
Now, we're in the waiting game to start the fertility treatments once school starts again (I'm a teacher) because our summer is full and packed since my husband is a youth minister and I don't want to be on a youth trip when it's "time". Haha
We, just like you, are not covered for any IVF treatments and money is always something that I worry about.
I wish you guys the best of luck!

Ashley said...

My name is Ashley I live in Kansas im 21 years old. I married the love of my life aug 2006. I have two little boys Ty Alexander (2 years old) and Eli Nathaniel (8 months). I started reading your blog a few months ago I found it through April Rose blog. Here is my blog link

Amber said...

My name is Amber and I live in MS and IM 28 yrs old. I found your blog a few months ago and its always been an inspiration to know Im not going through all this stuff alone. Hubby and I have been married for 6 yrs and have been TTC for 13 mths with no success. We have started the adoption route to see what God has in store for us. Hopefully one day we will get our miracle either via adoption or pg.


Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

My name is Sarah Creamer and I live in Arkansas. My hubby Stuart and I are 26 year olds who are struggling with infertility. I had a surgery to remove my right ovary due to a dermoid cyst. That surgery ended up causing an emergency surgery for a perforated bowel that happened during the first one. That perforated bowel caused damage to my good fallopian tube. So, long story short...I have one ovary and one tube on opposite sides- chances of conceiving naturally are less than 1%. We have done IVF twice and a frozen cycle once. All have resulted in BFN!

So, we now opted for a "higher up" clinic with a new RE in Dallas.
We are going to the Center for Assisted Reproduction and I love it there. We are gearing up for IVF #4 and praying this new clinic is the instrument God uses to bring us His miracle baby(ies).

This is the hardest, longest, most frustrating struggle God has ever given us, but we know that He has a purpose and we will get passed this!

Our blog is
It is called "Barren in the Promised Land"- please stop by anyone to visit. I love new readers and new prayer warriors!

Mimi said...

Hey love monkey!!!

You know me but I'll post it anyway! I'm Kami (Mimi to my girls) and hubby and I are finally preggo after IVF #2! We have been ttc for two and a half years. I have stage 4 endo and damaged tubes and hubby has a low sperm count. We went through three RE's to finally find the one we love! This has been the hardest thing to go through in life but also the most rewarding. I not only grew closer to God, I grew closer to my husband and found the most amazing friends like you! I would go through it all again if it meant receiving those rewards again.

You know how much I adore you and I am always praying for you!!! Always!

Love you girl,

melissa said...


My name is Melissa. If I am correct I found your blog through Kelly's prayer list. My husband, I and two sweet dogs live in Louisiana. We are newlyweds so, have not even entered into the TTC part of our life.
Do know that we are sending many prayers your way!


Anonymous said...

Tiff, you know our struggles, but I'm so encouraged by other success stories I just read, and praying for those still struggling to ttc that I decided to share mine.

We have been married for almost 4 yrs, and have had one miscarriage in Jan. 07, and have struggled to get pregnant again. We've been through several clomid rounds and one round of clomid with trigger and timed intercourse. All have had no success, so we are gearing up for our first IUI cycle hopefully next month.

You know how I found you, but for those that read this, Tiff and I met through a wonderful ttc site, and I have just been amazed at her strength and faith in all of this which in turn has encouraged me and helped me in my trust with God through this long, difficult journey.

I love ya girl! "Somehow, some way, we WILL get through this" as YOU told me!

Katie said...

My name is Katie and I am a 20 year old student from central Texas. I am new to the whole blogging thing but am already in love with it. I cam across your blog from Kelly's prayer list and have fallen in love with it. You and your husband are such wonderful people and a real inspiration to all those who are TTC. I was diagnosed with PCOS last year so I know that when the time comes for me to have children I am most likely going to have difficulties with it. I pray for you all daily and I know that parenting is in the future, our God is to great to not let wonderful people like you all be parents.


LM said...

Hi Stacey,
I have been thinking for awhile I should blog about our journey so far, and you encouraged me to finally do it! God bless... L.

Jenn said...

Hi Tiffany,
I'm pretty sure you've been to my blog on a number of occassions (thanks for your comments). I'm Jenn. Married to my high school sweetheart Shaun. We're both from California but currently live in Ohio. We waited quite a while to start our family and learned quickly that it wasn't as easy as we prayed it would be. It took us 1 1/2 years to conceive Julianne and my heart goes out to people who are struggling to have children. It is a pleasure to pray for you and Zach! I have loved gettting to know you and you are a wonderful example of faith. Blessings to you!

Christina said...

Hi Tiffany,
My name is Christina. After reading your blog I thought I would share a little story with you. After my husband and I were married.... and trying to get pregnant for over a year and a half (which seemed like FOREVER) I was getting a little down in the dumps, frustrated, all those emotions that seem to make themselves known when things aren't going as WE planned.

To make a long story short, we have a daughter now, her name is Emily ( my reason for our blog Pooh's Corner) and when I look back..... at the waiting, the disappointment, the crying...... I understand now why we were meant to wait. It was God's will.... His plan.... Emily is our special little girl, she was born with a rare chromosome deletion and He knew where we needed to be in our lives to be ready for her.
Trust in Him.
I hope that helps a little.

kirstenpetree said...

Hi Tiffany,

I found your blog through Apryle's blog. I read her blog because I also have a preemie. My son was born at 30 wks and has multiple disabilities now. He is 21 months old, only weighs 16 1/2lbs, has severe PVL(brain damage), CVI(blind), Cerebral Palsy, Failure to thrive, has a G-tube, cannot sit, crawl, walk, talk etc.

I have been praying for your miracle!

Bailey said...

I am Bailey, 25 and happily married. We live in Iowa where I am an elementary teacher. I was diagnosed in Feb with PCOS. We have done 2 round of Clomid with no ovulation occuring.

I've just started my blog lurking on several infertility sites to get some information on things that may be coming for us.

Our blog is:

Wishing you nothing but the best!

Lillie said...

My name is Lillie, and I went to college with Melody Estes. I clicked on your blog from her's and have been reading since. I am a middle school teacher, wife, and mother of two.

Kathy Lang said...

Hi there!
I am Kathy, married to my wonderful husband,Tim, with two beautiful girls--Samantha just turned 14 (biological child from 1st marriage), and Kara will be 2 on July 13th (adopted from birth--I commented before with her whole story). My husband and I both work for Federal Government and we live in the pandhandle of WV. Our family blog was started right before Kara was born.

I pray that you and your husband, Zach, will expand your family with children in the perfect way God has planned for you!

Following Him said...

Hi my name is Elyse & my blog is titled FOLLOWING HIM. My blog address is:

I am a college student living in a small college town and am studying to become a Special Ed teacher. Your blog is REAL...what a concept and Insightful! I love being uplifted by you and seeing your encouragement. You are an inspiration and I pray that one day you will have that miracle you have dreamed about!

Courtney said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I'm so glad you found my blog. My husband and I live in Houston. I can't believe we live so close. I will be keeping you and your husband in my prayers!!

Courtney Yerkes

Shannon said...

I'm Shannon, Kami's friend who lurks here too :)

I'm 29 and married to Josh, 32. I have a 3-yo stepson and just had my first, 11-wk-old Eli. I'm an editor-turned-SAHM. We live in Ohio. And I love Jesus, too!

Shannon said...

Oh, and our blog is;)

Jennifer said...

Hi Tiffany,

My name is Jennifer and my DH and I have been married for a little over 6 years now. We began TTC in early 2006, had a miscarriage in Jan 2007, and have not been able to conceive since then. A recent lap showed that I have endo, so I'm currently on LupronDepot injections. Otherwise we have unexplained infertility.

Professionally, I am the secretary at our church, my husband is the youth pastor, and also just graduated with his (second) master's degree.

I can't remember exactly how I found your blog, but it has joined my list of daily reads. I can't wait for the day when you make your big BFP announcement!!!


The Simmons Family said...

Hey Tiffany! I am Andrea from You know lots about me already... we're from Phoenix... desert dwellers. We have K and O and that's it... thanks to infertility.

I got preggers with Kamryn when I was 19, married and whoa it was a surprise! Then we tried and tried and tried and nothing happened. I thought it was crazy to try ferility drugs or go into debt to try for baby 2 when we had a perfectly healthy daughter and we were both working. One day.. 8 years after Kamryn was born... Owen came along. No fertility help needed.

I know the daily struggle of feeling as if you're a science experiment. It should be easy to have a baby... right? Right now I am NOT trying to get preggers as I have a big responsibility to Owen with his transplant coming up in the near future. Even if I wanted to.. I am extremely infertile again. No periods, PCOS in full swing, it's frustrating. At my last OBGYN appt, I hadn't had a period in 3 months, secretly I wanted the test to be positive just so I knew I COULD DO IT AGAIN. I was clearly happy to hear it was negative.

I have learned to trust God. He had a plan for us with Kamryn and then Owen. I can't wait to try to for baby number 3, but I know it will be yet another struggle.

We pray for you and Zach all the time. We know the frustration that comes along with infertility.

I have a question for you... where do you live?? I'm guessing Texas?? Praying for ya'll.


Kristin said...

Okay, you said I wasn't allowed to not comment on this post, so here goes. LOL!

My name is Kristin and my husband and I have been married almost 10 years. We live in Baytown, TX (near Houston) and have 3 girls....Madison (almost 9), Kaylee (6), and Lily (almost 3).

I don't know the struggles of TTC, but I was definitely blessed because of my Mom's struggles with it. My parents adopted me after struggling for 9 years to have a baby and that was the best thing that ever happened to my life. I can't even imagine what would've happened to me had I not been adopted.

So, I am praying that no matter how it happens, one day God will bless you with a beautiful baby to love and cherish. I can tell you have lots of love to give!

Thank you so much for allowing us to follow along on your journey.


Michelle said...

Hi Tiffany,
My name is Michelle. I teach second grade and live in Michigan. My husband and I will be married 6 years in August and have been ttc for 5 years. We have avoided infertility treatment due to my insurance (it covers nothing) and my fear of the unknown. We have been trying more natural approaches...

I found you through Kami. I am so glad that I found both of you. Your faith has inspired me beyond words! I am so glad that I have found someone like you who is so positive, faithful and kind. My blog is I would love to have you visit!

Buford Betty said...

Hey there... Buford Betty here! You know me... 31, keeping it real in the 'burbs, and trying to bake some kids in my busted oven.

We did get our first ever BFP after 3.5 years last month (via IUI) but sadly miscarried soon after at 4.5 weeks. BUT knowing we can conceive is a HUGE, HUGE step. We're going for IUI #2 in July.

Wishing you all the best and keeping y'all in my prayers!

Shan said...

I'm Shannon. I found you on a His Will Wednesday and sent and email . . . and I've stuck around since then :)

I have two blogs - one for The Boy ( and then my own person blog ( I just posted my "defininging moment" story over on my blog in honor of The Boy's 5th birthday today :)

Chell said...

Just thought I would go ahead and make a quick post. My name is Rachelle and I am from Oklahoma. I am not sure how I ran across your blog, but something kept me coming back. I have a friend that has PCOS and I walked beside her as she struggled. She is now the proud Momma of a little girl who is almost one. Anyhow, I try to blog when I can. I am still trying to find my "sense of writing style". I have two blogs:

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I'm here! I've been reading! Just been horrible at commenting lately! I am Renee, mommy to 4 beautiful kids and in the middle of our first adoption. I think you found us first! :)
We have two blogs: and

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiffany~

I ment to do this yesterday and ran out of time.

My name is Patricia(Tricia, my husbands name is Alan. We have been married since Oct 2006. We began TTC in June of 07 actively but had not been using any BC our entire relationship, I was just tracking my CM for ovulation and avoiding during those times.

Nov 07 after not using BC for years and actively trying I went in for my routine exam and told my doctor. She ordered and HSG and I found a local study for woman trying to get preggie. My HSG came back great,BW as well. The doctor running the study asked if they had checked my husband yet? Upon him suggesting that, we found out it was my hubby and it was not possible for us to have children.

We decided to use donor sperm and did 3 IUI's this past fall. All of them failed. We planned on resuming this month but I have now lost my job and all health benefits and we need the money saved to do the fertility treatments to pay our bills.

We are foster parents for the state we live in. Currently we have a 13 and 12 year old. The 24th of this month we will be getting a 2 year old, 13 month old and 10 month old. So pray that I keep my hair and what remains does not turn grey!

Jodi said...

My name is Jodi and I've been reading your blog for a little while now. Let's see, this Oct. will be our 5th wedding anniversary and we are blessed with our two and a half year old daughter. We are trying to number 2 and have been trying for 8 months. I enjoy your honesty and hope you get your baby soon!

Kaysie said...

Hello, My name is Kaysie I just moved to Salado although always lived in Texas and been ttc for almost 2 years. I am married to my prince charming for 3 years in November and praying for a family since. Moving and lack of a job has kept us from going forth with treatment needed due to endometriosis since I was 15. The struggle with endo for 11 years has had its ups and downs but brought me to trust in god. I dont remember how I found your blog, but it keeps me going and helped me to trust in my faith more. I pray for you often, and always look for new updates. I have no blog but welcome any e-mails @

Helene said...

What a great idea for a post!! It's always fun to get to know your readers better!

I think you already know my story so I'll save the long, drawn-out story but I'm so glad I found your blog and that I can be here to cheer you on during your journey to parenthood!!

Amber Schmidt said...

I think you kind of know me already but I will post anyhow! I am Amber, 26, mom to Owen (6), Ross (4) and Kyleigh (2). God blessed us and we had no fertility issues. Our issues seem to happen on the flip side of pregnancy. My body evidently doesn't deal well with being PG and I nearly died after I had Ross, heart flipped out, they thought I had a pulmonary embolism, and then you know Kyleigh's story.

Life is not easy and I know a thing or two about financial struggles. Whether its trying to make a baby or keep the one you have alive, its just not "fair".

I am here, praying and praising God along your journey! I will probably cry the day you post that positive PG test! And there had better be pics too!!! LOL

Amber Schmidt

The Milams said...

You know me well you know my husband. I'm not sure if we have actually met or not but anywho...My sister as you know struggled with PCOS for years and now has a beautiful baby girl. I love my new niece!!!! I on the other hand had 2 misscarige and a stillborn son so no i dont have problems getting pregnant i have issues keeping mine. Sending prayers your way.

delicatezeal said...

My name is Jacqui, I'm 24 and from PA. I found your blog through a friend who found it somewhere. I am not married yet, but hopefully Josh and I will be able to get married sometime in the not too distant future. I'm praying for you and your husband and this visit to the clinic. I hope that you are able to make progress (whether deciding to go somewhere else, stay there and choose one of the methods, etc).

Mrs. Corrock said...

Hi! You will probably wonder why you are getting a comment now. I just started reading your blog, and saw this post and figured I would tell you about me. I just went through an HSG and dh through the semen analysis. He's test was not great and my test came back as possible block tube. We are just now starting on this whole infertility journey and I wanted to read other people's stories. I came across your blog by a random google search. We've been married for 3 years although living together for 5 1/2 and not trying per se, but not preventing. I miscarried in Sept 09 and we've been up and down every month with emotions, testing, dating, etc. Anyhow, I'd love to keep in touch as none of my friends are going through this that I know of. I haven't blogged about our recent testing yet, but plan to do so for NIAW. I am 30, have 2 doggies, and best of all live in Dallas!! Hoping all goes well for you!

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