Thursday, June 4, 2009

Feeling Down?

Like I mentioned in this post, I have received some amazing inspirational cards and letters --one of them had me sitting at the post office for about 15 minutes counting my blessings. Sometimes in life we are so wrapped up on our struggles that we fail to count the blessings we do have!

The card read: Feeling Down? Why don't you take a few minutes to make a list of all the good things in your life?-------I'll even help you get started! 1) Somebody thinks the world of me and really cares!

(See card below)

So today I must share with you my list of all the good things in my life--and I would hope after you read mine, you will take a minute and count your blessings as well.

1)-was already given for me- somebody thinks the world of me and really cares ((and for this I am so thankful you--you all are so amazing, and thank you Marsha for reminding me of this!!!!))

Zach-God has truly blessed me with such an amazing husband--he is my soul mate and I really couldn't get through life without him by my side. He is the first person I want to see in the morning and the last person I want to see at night--he is my everything and by far he is one of the greatest things in my life!!!

My family-I can't begin to tell you how wonderful my family is. They are all so supporting and encouraging. They know exactly what to say to put a huge smile on my face--my in laws are extremely amazing as well, I love them like there my own flesh and blood and they treat me as I am there own flesh in blood. God has truly blessed me with an amazing family--even if they pick on me!!! ;)

My friends-WOW, I can't really express how grateful I am for my friends...they have given me such an amazing amount of support and I am amazed that so many do care. You know your friends are always there for you, but when your going through a hard time they really prove that no matter what they "ARE" there, and will always be!! You all are amazing and I thank God for ya'll daily!!!

My 4-legged children- oh my sweet puppy-children. I love them to pieces, I think they are probably one of the most spoiled doggies in the world-ha!! We love taking our little 4-legged children places, seeing there little tails wag when we get home makes us truly feel like they love us as much as we love them!!!!

GOD-I am so thankful that I believe and trust in our Lord and that he trust in me. There are many people who don't have God in there hearts, and although I have always believed in our Lord, I haven't always trusted fully in him like I do now. God has really taught me a lot about my life within the last few years and I am thankful that he has helped guide me through this.

Church-we have finally found a church that we love so much, the atmosphere and the close knit family is amazing, I love the messages and the majority of the time I feel like our pastor is speaking straight to me. I am extremely blessed to have a wonderful church and a great church family.

FAITH-yes Faith is something great in my life, and something I am so thankful for! Faith is one of the main things that has got me through the hard faith has grown so much, and for that I am so thankful for!

Patience- God knew I needed this, and it's something I am so thankful that he gave me. There are a lot of people who do not have this, and I personally don't know how I would get through this without patience. So this as well is something wonderful in my life...

and YOU.... I have to tell you how amazing you all are to me. You all are VERY GREAT people in my life, I pray for you all often daily, I appreciate and read your comments, emails, letters and cards daily...I think God knew I needed ya'll as support to help me and my husband throughout this...I am very grateful for all you amazing blogger! THANK YOU!

A special thank you to all whom have sent me cards and letters-I can't begin to tell you how much they all mean to me. I sometimes read them several times a day, it brings tears (happy tears of course) to my eyes to know that so many truly care. I can't wait to hand these over to my children one day and tell them how many helped me get them here, how many prayed for them, I can't wait to tell them how many loved them before they were even created. THANK YOU--from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!


ALSO-don't forget to click here and see who won the amazing body-shapers (which might I add, I want one super bad!!!)--the winner could be YOU :)


He And Me + 3 said...

Even when things have us down, we always do have so many blessings to be thankful for. Thank you for sharing your list with us. God is so good!

Tricia said...

Hi Tiffany~

I had read your blog on a few occations prior to actually creating my blog a few weeks ago.

I was so happy to see you visit my blog, as well as being happy I can finally post something to you!

It's nice to have partners in crime when it comes to his fertility chaos were going through.

Veronica said...

What a great post and great reminder that we always have something to be thankful for. Sometimes it's easy to let the ememy talk in our ear. I am so thankful too for all that the Lord has blessed me with!

Tiffany Lockette said...

Hey there!
First of all, Love your name!! LOL
I am so grateful for your visit to my blog. I am new to blogging but I am completely obsessed with it now. I love reading about peoples stories. Your post is very true. You do have so much to be thankful for. I don't fully understand what you are going through but I can offer you my friendship, prayers and words of encouragement. I will pray with all my heart for you and your family. Just remember, never lose hope, always keep the faith. I will be praying for you guys!!

Staci said...

Your post yesterday was a good one. We sometimes need to be reminded of the blessings we do have. I completely understand the "hard" times of infertility! We went through it for two years before adopting Maya. It is so not easy and so frustrating! All we want is to be parents. Does it really have to be so darn hard? Thinking and praying for you guys.
Thanks for the comment on our blog.

Shelly said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my page! :) that is my niece Madeline - she is turning 1 on the 16th i can't believe it!!
i'm 24 not married yet and very happily single (at least at this point) i dream of someday adopting babies or having my own - but we'll see what God has in store.
Thank you for sharing your heart so openly and allowing us to journey with you! you're in my prayers!

G & H said...

Hey Tiff! Your blog just keeps getting better and better! Your adorable and I look forward to looking at your blog everyday!

Now how can I et on the prayer list? I think I somehow missed how too ?

Thanks girl hope your having a wonderful weekend beginning!

Helene said...

You write the most beautiful, heartfelt posts! I often fail to count my blessings so this was a good reminder for me.

It sounds like you have an amazing network of supportive family and friends! God has definitely blessed you!

Mimi said...

Ummmm, I need an address before I can send a card or else I would have by now!! LOL

That is so sweet!!! I love getting cards! :)

Love you,

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