Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thinking Of You Thursday

I love to be able to pray for those in need--there are several blogs out there that designate there whole blog or certain day as "prayer days"...I can't begin to tell you how amazing this is. It's impossible to follow everyone in this "blog world", however it's amazing to be able to come across some of these blogs and pray for all of the families in need.

Have you see, April Roses Blog---"His Will Wednesday" ? She takes all sorts of prayer request and post them every Wednesday.

What about Safe Haven's blog? She post prayer request almost daily, her blog is solely prayer request and praises.

Also- there is On a Wing and a Prayer; she too post daily and her blog is solely prayer request.

Then theres Tenacious Prayer Time Tuesday....every Tuesday there are certain prayer request added...

I am SO honored and blessed that Ashley has designated a day for "The Pifer Bean Fund Blog" --we now have a prayer request day. Today was there very first "Thinking of you Thursday" Everyone often asks me how they can help me, PRAYER....prayer is the #1 thing that helps everyone, prayer is so amazing. I think it's amazing that so many blogs list prayer request for others in need....please head over here and see all the prayer request that were given today---also please send your prayer request in for next week...

I truly believe in the power of prayer-God is amazing! I been praying night and day of a way that I can help you all, the prayers, the support, the donations, the cards, the messages, emails, phone calls....I can't repay ya'll....I can't explain how much your kindness means to us. I want to help ya'll...I want to be there for ya'll, like ya'll are for me and my husband. I don't know any way better than prayer, so please give me the opportunity to pray for you, your family, your friends...anyone thats in need of prayer that you know. No matter how big or little the struggle in yours or there life, I want to pray for them...I want to give back a little of what you all have given me. PLEASE-head over to this blog...send them an email and let them know your prayer request so that myself and my family and my friends can pray for you! I WOULD BE HONORED! And while your there, please pray for those in need. Some have blogs-some don't....lets lift them up today.

"Lord-give me the grace and opportunity to be active in sharing my faith, so that I will have a full understanding of every good thing that I have inherited in Christ--Lord, please help me share my strength in others and Lord please be with my friends and there families throughout any journey they might be on. Give them guidance oh Lord, tuck them under your wing and give them the much needed courage to inch up there mountain called Life. In Jesus Name-Amen"


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Elisabeth said...

Tiffany I just enjoy your blog, and I want you to know that my husband and I have included you and your husband in our prayers so that this journey will come to an end soon. You guys are going to make such great parents.

On Fridays I have "prayerful Fridays" and if you have any requests feel free to leave a comment and I'll post them.

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