Thursday, July 16, 2009

1st Injection Lesson

Today Zach and I had our injection lesson...I would say it went well. Last night we watched the injection lesson video and I will admit I was extremely nervous about all of this "injection talk"...many people have sent me sweet emails and comments saying it's not that bad, and I am trying really hard to not think negative and just keep telling myself "it won't be that bad Tiffany..." (but we are talking about the person who had to have every nurse in the Dr's office hold me down so I could get a shot when I was a little girl!!! ha!!)--I've come along way, I used to hate getting blood work to ; but after 3+ years I am used to that, so I am hoping this will be a piece of cake! If we are able to-we will video tape the first round for y'all and for our future children to see--

When we arrived we went into this large room with about 4 other couples and all sat around this large table...all of the needles and pens and so forth were laid out in our spot. I found out today that this injection class is solely for IUI/ I am assuming that if IVF comes into play we will have another glass to go over those medications.

Today we went over Gonal-f RFF Pen and Ovidrel (trigger shot) ladies these are the medications that I will be using if we end up going down the IUI/injection path...

I also learned of how our schedule will work out...(y'all IF'ers tell me if this sounds normal or about right and for those that don't know--this is what I may be going through soon...)

*I call when I start my cycle...
*I will go in on cycle day 3 for a scan (and start meds on cycle day 3 as well)
**{before every scan I will have to get my Estradiol taken--blood work to check my estrogen level for those that don't know--makes sure I am on the track to ovulation...)
*My RE will look at my follicles, this is the same as when I was at my OB they still need to be 20+ mm and my lining needs to be 7+; depending on my follicle size and my Estradiol report he will determine what dosage of Gonal-f I need for the next couple days and tell me when I need to come back...

Everyone is different...some women will go in every day, some every other day, some every 3 days and so forth...

Once my follicle(s) meet the correct standards and my lining is the right thickness and my estradiol is where they want it I will trigger myself that night with the Ovidrel-Zach will go in the next two mornings for his "duty"and I will go in shortly after for back to back IUI's.

Thats "if" we are able to still do the IUI...

If they decide they want to do IUI there is a chance, like any other, that our cycle may get canceled. If I produce several mature follicles (5+) I will probably be asked if we would reduce if all took; our answer is NO...we will NOT reduce; if God wants us pregnant with several miracles that's his call, not ours. However, due to not being open to reduction-the Dr. may cancel the session due to the risk of all implanting. {this is worse case scenario}

Overall we learned a lot today...we are really excited and ready to get the show on the road! I have about 5 pills left (maybe 6...) and if everything is still IUI/injections we will be starting this upcoming journey very soon...However if my Dr. calls and says that we must do IVF or wait until Zach sees an urologist then our new journey will be put on hold for a little's in God's hands and we trust that he will guide us where we need to be!

Thank you all for the prayers and support...Zach and I really need and appriciate the love and support you all are given more than you know!!!


Kristi said...

wow brings back memories! We did IVF so I had a few other meds, but I did do ovidrel several times for artificial insemination. I had a follicpen to do everday with IVF and then after the procedure my husband had to give me a progesterone shot everyday in the butt for 8 weeks. I was TERRIFIED of needles and giving blood, and shots, but I quickly overcame that. It was the same though I had given blood so much that I was pretty use to that. My trick that may help you, when I had to give my shot everyday, it was in the fat of my belly, I would do it looking into a mirror. That way I wasn't actually looking down at my hand stick a needle in my stomach. After watching in a mirror a few days I got to where it was no big deal and I could just look down and give it quickly. You will overcome your fear. It's not near as bad as a nurse sticking you real fast. I did it slowly and it didn't hurt.

Stephanie said...

I know you're nervous but it sounds exciting! Praying for both of least we're moving forward now!

Following Him said...

Sweet friend,
You and Zach are in my prayers. You guys will prevail over these lovely injections and get through them. Hang in there!

Amy said...

Tiffany- I've popped onto your blog a few times.. I'm friends with Kami so that's how I found you.. Anyways when we started doing our injections Jake(DH) always told me that he would never be able to give me a shot.. So we went into this knowing that it was going to be up to me to do all of them. Doing the injections in the tummy are a breeze. The first one is a little tuff because it's not normal to stab yourself in the belly.. But after that I promise it will be a breeze.We would be out to dinner and I would bust out my little injection kit and do it right at the table. We just did and IVF in Feb of this year and I was really worried about giving myself the PIO shot in my booty. I'm proud to say that I now do all of my own shots. It's amazing the hurdles we overcome to get to our destination. I think I forgot to mention that I'm terrified of needles too but now I'm a pro at it.. LOL


Helene said...

Tiffany, wow, reading this brought back so many memories. I remember being absolutely terrified over having to do injections! But you know what, you'll find that within time, you'll be a pro at it. You'll be able to give yourself a shot with your eyes closed. Tim sometimes traveled on business so I had to give myself my own PIO shots (it's IM in the butt cheek) and I was amazed at how well I handled it!!

Your protocol sounds right on target. I never did IUI's, only IVF, but it sounds very similar to an IVF protocol (minus the retrieval and transfer).

Keep on keepin on!!! It sounds like you are well on your way!

Kelly said...

You are doing WONDERFUL!!

Remember, there will come a day when you look by on this and say "that was nothing...look a this precoius baby..he/she was worth every little bit of pain we had to go through"!!

Praising God that you guys are moving closer and closer to your greatest reward EVER!! :)

Love, hugs and prayers!


Tiffany said...

Awww I remember injection class all too well. Sounds good to me. Did they mention a starting dose? It will probably depend on your antral follicle count on your day three u/s. If you are anything like me, it won't take much stimuation. I was only on 175 a day of Gonal F and ended up with 16 eggs. Hopefully they start you out low, I would hate to see you cancel. Is converting to IVF if need be even a possibility?

Rosie said...

You are one tough cookie! I don't know how you do it but I know you are getting stronger from all of this. Needles terrify me too!Before you know it, you may be giving me advise on how to do it and telling me it will be ok too!
I hope it all works out for you sweetie!

The Simmons Family said...

You can do it!!! We're praying for you!!

twondra said...

I have to agree with the others......aww, the memories. :) I remember the injection class.

We're all praying!!!

Our Journey... said...

Yep, sounds about right and seriously, the shots are not too bad. This is coming from someone who typically faints when I have any type of needle stuck in me. My trick was to lie down just in case :)Good luck!

Ashlee McCrary said...


Anonymous said...

I really pray you can do the IUI this next cycle.

Leah said...

Looks like things are rolling right along. I'm glad you are having a positive experience! My girls at the office are awesome and you couldn't have chosen a better place to be. I promise you that thinking about the injection hurts more than the actual injection. The needle is so tiny and you don't even feel it go in. The medicine might sting a bit but it's no big deal.

If you have to go onto IVF the IVF nurse will talk you through some additional injections (lupron, progesterone in oil, etc.). It's alot to take in but not so bad. The worst part for me was all of the blood draws. Hopefully you have really great veins.

Good luck!!

Peppermint Patty said...


Just remember that GOD is the great physician. He can heal the blind, make the lame to walk and the dumb to speak...He is certainly able to have your husband's sperm REACH and PENETRATE your eggs. Period!

I know because me husband (at the time) and I were told we would NEVER have children together (I had trouble ovulating and he had pretty much non-existent sperm). But God had other things in mind for us.

Our son, Matthew, is 15 now and a true miracle from God.

Hang in there! Patty <><

A said...

Sounds like your class went well- I hope and pray God uses these meds in a BIG way!!

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