Monday, July 20, 2009

Pifer Life

Count Down With The Pifers

Hours till I find out if we can still do the IUI/Inject. or if we have to do IVF…(I should find out what the plan is today…)

3 BCP’s left…
Family Updates

Zach-his knee was hurting him quite a bit this week, however his PT worked him extremely hard on Friday and he was a little more active on it throughout the weekend as well. Starting this week he will be moving to only one day of PT; they are mostly working on his hamstring now. I am so proud of him-he hardly ever complains, he goes non stop and works so hard to provide for us—God blessed me with a good man!!
Mom-she seems to be doing amazing, I can tell some days she is still depressed—her back is hurting her a lot (which she has 8 bulging disk that they are unable to operate on) so she will be going to a pain Dr. soon, which I pray helps to relieve some of her pain!
Me-boot camp is over…I am sad. I would love to sign up for another round, but I really want to wait and see what is in store with all of the fertility treatments first. I only have 3 days of birth control pills left-I am excited to be off of them!!


Injection lesson-CHECK
Tiff Blood work –CHECK
Zach Blood work- CHECK
Delivered HSG videos to RE- CHECK
Delivered Operation report and pictures to RE- CHECK
Plan for this cycle---“pending—should find out today

Big events over the weekend…

There really weren’t any big plans over the weekend. Friday night Zach and I went to a local pizza place to eat dinner, then back home and went to bed. Saturday, Zach woke up at 3am to go to work-I slept in and then got up and cleaned the house a little…Zach got home around 10am; we both took a nap—Zach started to change my breaks on my car (but came across a problem as he needed a tool he didn’t have) so that task was put on hold and we ran a couple errands then headed over to my dads to eat dinner and spend time with them, then we headed home--and went to bed---Sunday Zach woke up early to finish changing my breaks, then we went to church-went to eat breakfast with my grandparents…came home-took a nap—woke up and went grocery shopping and back home in time to relax and watch Big Brother (yes, I am a reality TV junkie and Big Brother is my all time favorite!!!)…do you see the pattern of this weekend??? Sleeping??? It was a very lazy “but wonderful” relaxing weekend…


Princess Kinley said...

Its always nice to get some rest on the weekends! Im sure u needed it!

Jenna said...

I'm excited that you will find out your IF plan today! I'll be praying for your mom!

Michelle said...

I hope you get the news you're hoping for!

I LOVE BIG BROTHER!! This season is off to a dramatic start!! Oh my, and Ronnie is a mastermind!! :)

kirstenpetree said...

Yay for only 3 BCP's!!!

Ashlee McCrary said...

sleepy weekends are the best! hoping for IUI route for yall![

Stephanie said...

Thinking of you guys today. Praying for the results you are hoping for!

Deadly Glitter said...

i hope you can do the iui! we just found out i can not do an iui. i have to go straight to ivf. i guess it will be awhile before we can afford it. good luck!

Ashley said...

Wow...your weekend sounded just like how ours went!! Naps and lounging around :). Ummm...Ronnie is on my nerves on BB!! He is creepy and annoying to me! It is def. getting really good.

twondra said...

I love "lazy" weekends. :) I'm so happy you only have 3 BCPs! I've been thinking about you so much!

Thanks for the updates!!!

Chell said...

I am such a Big Brother Addict also. I was so not looking foward to Jesse coming back this season. I must say he has mellowed out and I can handle him better this time around.

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

i hope you guys get some good news today. ill be looking for an update!

and im SUPER jealous of your sleepy weekend!

Ashley said...

Can't wait for you to get started honey!!! Glad you had a relaxing weekend. YOU DESERVE IT!! I'm addicted to Big Brother too;)

Tiffany said...

I too LOVE BB! Looking forward to an update.

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