Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Have a Blogicon Now!

Have you ever heard of a Blogicon? I found Cara, from RockSTARRMom, a couple weeks back and she offered to give me an amazing little blog icon. She put a little cross up there—do you see it? Most people just have a little orange box with a “B” in it for Blogger. She tries to coordinate your icon with your blog page. I love my little cross--and thank you Cara for doing this for me!!!You can go to Your Blogicon and see a list of who she has made one for and see how to get one for yourself. You will love it!!!


Melody said...

I still see the orange B on your site.

Kristin said...

I see it! Very cute!!

Anonymous said...

Very Cool! I love it!

The Burke's said...

Tiffany I stumbled across your blog today from Veronica's and I know how hard infertility can be. I love your outlook on the whole thing. I too suffered from Unexplained Infertility. We tried for 2 1/2 year to get pregnant and saw a doc to help us. We did 2 rounds of AI using femara which didn't really work for me. Then we decided to take a medical break and went to an acupunturist/herbologist to try that route. Less than 3 months later we were pregnant and now have a 2 yr old boy. Again we are trying and using the herbs after 6 months of throwing caution to the wind. I will add you to my google reader and put you in my prayers. I know it will happen!

Anonymous said...

I see it Tiff! Love it, and it goes perfectly with your blog!

Stephanie said...

That is soooo cool!!! I've seen them before but had no idea how anyone got them. I'll have to look into that somemore :)

Veronica said...

Hey! I love your new blogicon! Julie does them too and she calls them favicons. She did the V for me on my last blog design, but I need to ask her to do a new one to match my new look. Anyhow, I love the cross. It's so cute, and to those who may not be able to see it,it's probably because they are using Internet Explorer and sometimes you can only see it if you are using Firefox or another browser.

Also noticed the comment earlier from Rachel (The Burke's). She's my next door neighbor and knows exactly what you're going through. I've shared your story with her, so I'm glad she's reading your blog now too!

Love ya girl and hope you have a great rest of your week!

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